Home TV News The Truth Is Out there on Channel 5 as they Nab X-Files Revival.

The Truth Is Out there on Channel 5 as they Nab X-Files Revival.

by Dave Elliott


Channel 5 have picked up the hotly anticipated return of The X-Files which sees David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson team up again as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for a new 6 episode run. The deal also includes what they are referring to as ‘The X-Files Essential Collection’, a 20 episode mix from the original run, selected by creator Chris Carter as a way to introduce viewers to the main story arc of the original series.

The ‘event’ series is running on Fox in the US, and is believed to have been a hard fought battle for new series in the UK. Many thought the new mini-series would end up on Sky, as that had been it’s home when X-Files aired the first time around, but it seems Viacom’s deep pockets have once again helped Channel 5 prevail.

Ben Frow, Director of programmes at Channel 5 said of the move, “This acquisition underlines our ambition to deliver a diverse slate of brilliant, must-see programming on Channel 5.”

The X-Files returns in the US, January 24, 2016. No news on an exact UK air date, other than ‘Early 2016‘.

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