Star Wars: The Force Awa-corns is Top of the Pops this Christmas as popcorn demand increases ahead of major film release

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16 Dec 15
Star Wars: The Force Awa-corns

Star Wars: The Force Awa-corns

  • Brits set to Chew-bacca on 2.4 million bags of popcorn over the next 3 weeks
  • Popcorn production at Tommy Tucker increased by 33% to meet STAR WARS demands
  • Total production for the year up to 60 million servings, nearly Obi-Wan portion for each UK citizen
  • Empire Cinemas Strikes Back with tickets available for a whole-Yoda extra screenings for the biggest film release of the year

Ahead of the much-anticipated release of Star Wars, which opens at Empire Cinemas on 17th December, Tommy Tucker have stepped up production to meet exceptional requirements for everyone’s most pop-ular film snack; popcorn. Tommy Tucker will be continuing to support its cinema partners as the film hits the big screen, which will tie in with the release of the pre packed Star Wars popcorn assortment – with orders for 2.4 million bags taken already for delivery over the next 3 weeks.

Tommy Tucker’s Operations Director, Shaun Noakes, commented: “We have increased our output by 33% to meet the increased demand. This has bumped our total production for the year to 60 million cinema servings (almost 1 portion for everyone in the UK!). Star Wars fans certainly love their popcorn!”

Star Wars opens at Empire Cinemas from 17th December. The UK’s largest independent cinema chain has put on numerous extra screenings across its 18 cinemas to meet extremely high ticket demands ahead of what looks set to be 2015’s biggest film release. Additional shows have been added to meet demand, tickets still available at: