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Daredevil Season 2 Update with New Photos

by Dave Elliott


It seems some changes are afoot with the new second season of Daredevil, but that’s no great surprise, as the devil of Hell’s Kitchen returns with new showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez, both who wrote for season 1, replacing Steven S. DeKnight. This season is said to retain the dark edge we’re come to know and love from the Netflix/Marvel shows, but speeds up the narrative, which in our opinion is no bad thing. Season 1 was about Matt Murdock becoming Daredevil, so it makes sense to hit the ground running this time around.

We also, unlike season 1’s Kingpin, aren’t going to have to wait for one of the main protagonists to show up. It seems Frank Castle (aka The Punisher), will be there from the start. For those that don’t know the character, Punisher and Daredevil are both out to clean up Hell’s Kitchen, but Punisher’s methods are more ‘shoot you in the face and ask questions if you’re not dead’. He’s really the epitome of the anti-hero. Given the amount of violence committed by Daredevil in season 1, it’s going to be interesting to see how these 2 characters managed to interact with each other. One may use guns and the other his fists, but both still have the same aim. Is it going to be possible for them to work together, or are they going to be at loggerheads?

This season also sees the introduction of Electra (played by French actress Élodie Yung), who in this version appears to be an old college girlfriend of Matt’s. Unlike the Jennifer Garner version we saw in Electra’s last screen outing, Yung’s Electra will be rather more wild. Described as Murdock’s ‘id’, she’s the devil to tempt Daredevil into letting out his wilder side.

Of course, most of the season 1 cast will be returning. No Vincent D’Onofrio (as far as we know!), but Deborah Ann Woll is back as Karen Page, Elden Henson as best friend Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, and Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple (aka Night Nurse).

We don’t know exactly when Daredevil Season 2 will arrive yet, but if you’re looking for something to tide you over till it arrives, there are a number of great online video games out there you can play whilst you wait for it to land in your Netflix account.

Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil

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