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Geektown Awards 2015 – Best New (to UK TV) Show & Best TV Drama of 2015 Winners

by Dave Elliott

It’s over again for another year, so now all is left but to announce the shows, films and movies you chose (in your thousands) as your favourites of the year. First 2 categories up is Best New (to UK TV) Show of 2015 and Best TV Drama of 2015.

Best New (to UK TV) Show of 2015

So many great shows hit our shores this year, and it was a tough battle for the top spot. Daredevil landed a respectable 3rd place, and Better Call Saul just missed the top spot in 2nd place. The top spot however went to a collaborative effort between America’s AMC and Channel 4 – Humans.

Based on a Swedish drama (Real Humans), the show is set in a near future when Human-like androids know as Synths have become common place as robotic assistants, both in the workplace and at home. But when Joe Hawkins brings home ‘Anita’, a synth to help out around the house, his workaholic wife is non-too pleased, and is convinced their new home help isn’t quite all she seems…

Humans has a great set of performances across the board. Gemma Chan’s gives a stunningly convincing central performance as synth ‘Anita’, and Colin Morgan in his first major post-Merlin role, plays the slightly off-kilter Leo beautifully. If you missed it, you can watch the whole series right now on All4, and it’s already been commissioned for a 2nd season due later this year.

Best TV Drama of 2015

Unlike the previous category, this one had 1 very clear winner taking 40% of the vote. Fargo which returned for a 2nd season this year took 3rd place, and Homeland landed 2nd, but the clear winner was of course Game Of Thrones.

I think it’s fair to say the worse thing about being a Game of Thrones fan is having to wait a year for the next season to arrive. Especially when they tend to leave things in such a precarious situation. The state of Schroedinger’s Snow, Khaleesi surrounded by men on horses, the Stark girls both in trouble, The Imp left in charge of Meereen… And what of Cersei? After taking a not so relaxing stroll through the streets, will she crumble, or will she lash out and rain terror down on the populace?

The interesting thing about season 6 is that not even George R. R. Martin is entirely sure where it will go, as for the first time the tv show is ahead of the books. Season 5 saw probably the greatest departure from the books so expect to see more of the same when Game Of Thrones returns to our screens in April.

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