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Geektown Awards 2015 – Winners of Best TV Comedy, Dramadey and Procedural Drama of 2015

by Dave Elliott

Next up we have the winners of the Best TV Comedy, Best Dramadey, and Procedural Drama of 2015. First we look at what made you out-and-out laugh your socks off in the last 12 months.

Best TV Comedy 2015

This was another one of those categories where one show just crushed the competition. 3rd place went to cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2nd place was Modern Family, but taking a whopping 51.4% of the vote was the comedy monolith that is The Big Bang Theory.


Sure, after 9 seasons, it’s possibly lost some of it’s shine, but personally I do still find Big Bang highly entertaining. It’s lost some of it’s core uniqueness of those earlier seasons, and settled into more standard US sitcom Friends/How I Met Your Mother territory, but I like the characters, and there’s still enough geeky humour in there to keep me watching. Plus in Mayim Bialik it is one of the few shows that actually has an actress who has similar qualifications to the person she’s portraying, albeit I suspect Mayim is rather less introverted than Amy!

Best TV Dramedy of 2015

Another category that had a pretty clear winner, although the 2nd and 3rd places were a tougher battleground. 3rd place went to the excellent Elementary. 2nd place went to Sky 1’s freshman show You, Me and the Apocalypse, but 1st place goes to a Netflix show – Orange Is the New Black.


It landed in 2nd place last year, but (partly due to Sherlock not being eligible this year), OITNB lands the top spot. The drama/comedy about a women’s correctional facility aired it’s 3rd season in 2015, with a 4th season due later this year. We’ve had numerous discussions at Geektown about the ending of season 3, where the inmates all enjoying splashing about in a local lake, which didn’t really have the impact of season 1 or 2. Still a hugely entertaining show though, and I’m looking forward to it’s return.

Best TV Procedural Drama of 2015

Best Procedural was one of the closer run categories, with only a few percent separating the top 3 positions. 3rd place goes to Elementary once again (always the bridesmaid…). 2nd place went to the excellent Suits, but just inching ahead was Person of Interest.


If you listened to the Geektown Radio podcast, you’ll know I described Person of Interest as basically being Batman without the cape and cowl… And the rest of the team took the mick… Well I totally stand by that statement. Sure, it’s somewhat of an ‘Elseworlds’ Batman, but the elements are there Jim Caviezel’s John Reese aka ‘The man in the suit’ is Batman. A vigilante who helps people in need. Harold Finch is an amalgamation of elements, but he’s essentially Alfred, with a bit of Lucius Fox and Oracle thrown in. There to guide the hero, but also provide tech support and is somewhat omnipresent. And Lionel Fusco is clearly Harvey Bullock. A slightly shady cop turned good by the influence of the hero. The feel of the whole show is Batman-esque, and totally something you should be watching if you’re into your superhero shows. Person of Interest airs on Channel 5 over here, and we’re a season behind, but hopefully it should return later this year.

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