Home Movie News First Trailer for the Ghostbusters Remake Arrives.

First Trailer for the Ghostbusters Remake Arrives.

by Dave Elliott

Yes, I said remake, not reboot or ‘continuation of the franchise’. If you’ve seen the original film, you can see a number of scenes in there do seem to be extremely reminiscent of the original film. I understand you need to introduce this whole concept to a new generation, but I would have like to have seen some sort of hand off between some of the original team and this new group.

The trailer starts by saying ’30 years ago… Four scientists saved New York…’ but then goes on to having the new girls ‘invent’ all the ghostbusting equipment… That really doesn’t make sense to me… I’m sure it’ll be fine, and funny, and I have no issue with the gender changing. I think it’s more the way the trailer is put together, in that it implies it’s a continuation, but plays like a remake… All a bit confused…

If you want to see it, this new version of Ghostbusters lands in July.

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