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The Best Casinos in Geek Culture

by Dave Elliott


The Best Casinos in Geek Culture

The Best Casinos in Geek Culture

Let’s be honest, geeky is the new sexy, and the behemoth that is Hollywood has taken note. From the phenomenon that is the golden age of comic book movie adaptations, to beloved game franchises both old and new, the world at large has discovered a fondness it never knew it had. Geek culture has become the golden fleece of marketing. How better to spice up a tried and tested formula than to paint it green and have the Incredible Hulk regurgitating a few of his iconic lines over the top of it?

Enter online casinos. Online games are so prevalent in the 21st century because they’re so accessible. For a long time, the idea of an online gamer came hand in hand with the – mostly inaccurate – stereotype of a feverish teenager drinking his body weight in Mountain Dew and playing World of Warcraft. This, however, is an outdated notion.

Online gamers are so often drawn to online casinos because they promise the thrill of a video game, with all the possibility of monetary reward. Rather than sinking a monthly subscription fee into an online game, the gamers themselves can reap rewards by participating in the very medium they so love: gaming. Online casinos have picked up on this theme and have adapted accordingly.

While perusing the backlog of casinos that’s so readily available online, it’s easy to see the various attempts at attaching themes to their different games. The inclusion of geek culture is, for the most part, restricted to slot games. Casino.bet365.com is a great place to start, and not only because of the many geeky delights it offers. It’s always a good idea to choose an online casino that ticks all the right boxes in terms of function, as well as content.

Bet365, for example, has an easy to navigate user interface, giving players a wide array of options when choosing how best to satisfy their inner gamer, not to mention a VIP ladder promotion scheme that rewards its players the more they play. After playing certain games, players are awarded ‘comp points’ that accumulate and can be exchanged for real currency. Having accrued a certain amount, the player is then rewarded with either ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ status, that provide the player with cash rewards and a whole host of other benefits. To complement this is 24 hour customer service and plenty of payment options that include Visa, Paypal, Skrill, idebit, and more, along with an instant processing time.

If you’re a newer player, then casino.mrgreen.com would be a better fit. The site itself has all the benefits mentioned above, along with a welcome bonus that gives a budding gamer 100 free spins on Mr Green Moonlight when you deposit £20. With that being said, the things that makes these casinos stand out is their inclusion of slot themes like Tomb Raider, Spiderman, the Avengers, or Hellboy. After all, nothing beats winning a bit of money to the unmistakable theme tune of Game of Thrones.

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