Brie Larson Could Be Playing Captain Marvel

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02 Jun 16
Brie Larson Could Be Playing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Could Be Playing Captain Marvel

News dropped late last night that Room star Brie Larson has emerged as Marvel’s frontrunner in their search for Captain Marvel.

The actress is apparently in early talks about the role, which sees air force pilot Carol Danvers gain superpowers after standing rather too close to the explosion of a Kree device.

Her powers include super strength & endurance, flight, resistance to toxins/poisons, and a sixth sense, a bit like Spider-man’s ‘spidey-sense’.

The film, which isn’t due till 2018, currently has no director attached, although it is thought Marvel are looking for a female to take the helm behind the scenes. Angelina Jolie is one name that has cropped up numerous times as a potential director, although nothing is yet confirmed. The script is being written by Inside Out and Guardians of the Galaxy co-writers Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman.

It is thought Captain Marvel is likely to appear in one of the earlier movies before her solo outing, much like Marvel did with Black Panther in this year’s Captain America: Civil War.