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Killjoys Won’t Slow Down in Season 2, its Stars Reveal

by Michael Simpson
Killjoys Won’t Slow Down in Season 2, its Stars Reveal

Killjoys Won’t Slow Down in Season 2, its Stars Reveal

One current genre show that can definitely be described as kick-ass is Killjoys. The action-packed Syfy series about three planet-hopping bounty hunters debuted in America last summer before arriving in Britain early this year. It’s about to return for a second season Stateside and fans should expect everything to be ramped up this year, according to the show’s British star, Hannah John-Kamen. “Suddenly for this season the stakes are higher and especially with other characters you should be close to and other characters you should love,” the actress tells Geektown during a press conference.

John-Kamen plays Dutch, the lithe but lethal de facto leader of a trio of agents who work for the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (a.k.a. The RAC). Her two companions are the Jaqobis brothers, John and D’Avin. Despite their sometimes fractious relationships, these three form a tightly knit team. Their concern for each other keeps Killjoys grounded even as the series’ mythology weaves together mystery, suspense and plenty of violence. That combination is challenging for the show’s stars as they deal with their characters’ conflicting emotions and the pace of the action.

“I think that this season, with stakes being raised so high, I find the emotional strengths that the character has,” John-Kamen says. “And I’m trying to hide them as well. That conflict within Dutch was very tough for me this season.”


John-Kamen’s co-star, sci-fi favourite Aaron Ashmore (Smallville, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13), agrees. “There’s no time where we’re just sitting around and it’s just chill and it’s really conversational,” says Ashmore, who plays John, the younger Jaqobi brother and Dutch’s long-standing sidekick. “As much as it keeps the tone of it fun, it’s very fast-paced. There’s always so much going on in these scenes. There’s always tons of information and there’s tons of emotional stuff in every scene, in every episode.”

In the first season the team was tested by the reappearance of Dutch’s childhood mentor, Khlyen (Rob Stewart). Devious and menacing, Khlyen taught Dutch to kill ruthlessly when she was growing up in a harem. Those skills have helped her survive but at a price that weighs on her conscience. “With Khlyen and Dutch, it’s really obviously a very complicated, conflicted relationship because he’s the guy that she just wants to hate,” John-Kamen explains. “It’s really easy to hate Khlyen.”

In the penultimate episode of Killjoy’s first season it is revealed that Khlyen operates high up in The RAC. In the finale he kidnaps D’Avin and locks him up in a mysterious facility called Red 17. The inference is that Khlyen plans to perform a life-threatening procedure on the elder Jaqobi brother. Yet, it sounds like D’Avin’s fate might not be so predictable, “Nothing seems cut and dried this season, does it?” suggests Ashmore. “There’s lots of complex things going on.”

Those things are likely to include the further expansion of Khlyen’s character. That won’t make the agents’ main nemesis easy to judge, though, which should keep things interesting as Season 2 unfolds. “There’s going to be more of an understanding of why he’s done what he what he’s done in the past,” says John-Kamen. “I think for an audience member as well, it’s going to be a bit harder to just see Khlyen as the bad guy.”

Season 2 of Killjoys premieres on Syfy in the United States on July 1 and 2nd August on Syfy UK.

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