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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Sneaks Onto UK Netflix

by Dave Elliott


You turn your back for a couple of minutes, and Netflix goes and adds more great content to it’s library of shows! Season 1 of The CW musical comedy Crazy Ex Girlfriend popped up on the streaming service today in the UK.

The show stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, an upwardly mobile Yale and Harvard educated lawyer, who’s career is really going places… That is until she bumps into old flame Josh, her first love who she never really got over. Realising her life isn’t how she really wants it to be, she chucks in her job, and decides to follow Josh back to West Covina, California in the hope that she just may bump into him again!

The show’s main difference to other comedies, is the fact that it mixes in 2 or 3 original songs in each episode. These tend to pop up much like they would in musical theatre, highlighting significant points in the plot.

Alongside Bloom, the show also stars Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh the ex, Santino Fontana as Greg, Josh’s best friend, with whom Rebecca starts a relationship in an attempt to get closer to him, and Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula, Rebecca’s co-worker and new best friend in California.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is created by Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna and season 1 is available right now on Netflix UK.

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