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Official Sneak Peek Clip Of The Walking Dead Season 7!

by Dave Elliott


Oh how The Walking Dead producers like to toy with us! AMC in the US last night ran a Walking Dead special, which included the little clip of the upcoming season!


The clip focuses on Dwight, and doesn’t show us a whole lot. It’s just your basic road encounter with some zombies. So far, so Walking Dead… However, look at what he’s wearing, and his vehicle. That is clearly Daryl’s bike, AND Daryl’s waistcoat… Please don’t tell us that something horrific has befallen our beloved Mr. Dixon (aka Norman Reedus).

As you’ll remember, the end of Season 6 left things on a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. The whole gang had been captured by the Saviors, while leader Negan merrily introduced one of their skulls to his baseball bat ‘Lucille’. After a game of ‘eenie meenie miney mo’, Negan swings, and blood drips down the screen, but we don’t see on which character it landed… And so began months of speculation and tribulation as people tried to figure out who took the fatal blow.

Could the clip so that something awful happened to Daryl? We suspect not. We think (and hope) it’s just the producers messing with us again.

We will find out for sure when The Walking Dead returns, 24 October 2016 at 10pm on Fox UK

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