Interview With ‘The Great Human Odyssey’ Composer Darren Fung

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21 Oct 16

This week we had a chance to sit down and talk with canadian film scoring legend, Darren Fung.

Darren is might not be that well known in the UK, but he is a household name in Canada, due to his work on famed anthropologist Dr. Niobe Thompson’s ‘The Great Human Odyssey’ tv series. In the same vein as BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’, the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s (CBC) ‘Odyssey’ takes viewers on a journey through humanity’s origins.

Darren’s score won the Canadian Screen Award for best music and was nominated for an International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) award. The project has been so successful it has aired on over 40 international territories, including the UK, where it aired on the UKTV’s Eden channel.

Darren’s other work include a recreation of Canada’s second national anthem, the beloved Hockey Theme, for Canadian networks CTV and TSN, and his music can be heard on CTV’s flagship morning news program, Canada AM.

You can hear the soundtrack to ‘The Great Human Odyssey’ via Spotify below, or buy it from Amazon here.