‘HBO’ & J.J. Abrams ‘Bad Robot’ Team Up Again For Space Drama ‘Glare’

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12 Dec 16
'HBO' & J.J. Abrams 'Bad Robot' Team Up Again For Space Drama 'Glare'

‘HBO’ & J.J. Abrams ‘Bad Robot’ Team Up Again For Space Drama ‘Glare’

It’s no great surprise after the huge success of Westworld that HBO are keen to team up again with J.J. Abrams & Bad Robot for another epic drama. Appropriately, given J.J.’s penchant for lens flare, the new show is called GLARE.

The series is being penned by Javier Gullón, the writer behind Jake Gyllenhaal’s 2013 movie Enemy, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming film 478. Details are scarce at the moment, other than it’s said to be “a sci-fi odyssey exploring the colonization of another planet”, and is an original story by Gullón.

Bad Robot are the people behind Alias, LostFringe, UndercoversPerson of InterestAlcatraz, Revolution, Almost Human, Believe, 11.22.63 and of course Westworld. It’s fair to say Bad Robot have had mixed success with their shows over the years, but when they hit, they tend to hit big. Even the shows that sadly don’t find an audience tend to be extremely interesting programming. However, HBO seems like the perfect network for Bad Robot’s more ‘out of the box’ ideas.

This is Gullón’s first foray into tv, but not scifi, having also written a film adaptation of Anthony O’Neill’s Out of the Dark sci-fi noir novel, about a moon-based prison colony.

As GLARE is currently only in development, there’s no news on air dates yet, but it’s certainly a show we will be keeping ours eyes on.