‘The Forge Studios’ & ‘Fell and Fair’ Bring Their Film Experience To EPIC LARPing Event ‘Weekend Warrior’!

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24 May 17

Our friends over at ‘The Forge Studios‘ have got a new Kickstarter project underway, and although it’s based in the US, it’s such an awesomely cool idea, I really wanted to share it, and see if we could get some support from people this side of the pond.

Teaming up with ‘Fell and Fair Productions’, the 2 companies are planning an EPIC immersive adventure experience called Weekend Warrior, from 29th September to 1st October 2017 based at the Mountain Run Winery, Culpeper, Virginia, USA.

It’s attempting to step into your favorite fantasy film or favorite book. It’s ‘Game of Thrones’ come to life, it’s ‘Westworld’ for fantasy where you are the hero.

You will be transported to the world of Adrasil where there is a kingdom known as Oloran, in this fully immersive experience. It is a medieval world brought to life in the epic action/adventure series “The Rangers”, first as an hour long pilot, and now in the upcoming web series Sons of Throi, featuring Fell and Fair.

The event will take place on the beautiful lands of the Mountain Run Winery. 25 acres located an hour and half outside of Washington, DC set in the backdrop of the Shenandoah Valley Region, near Culpeper, VA. You will have the chance to pursue your own destiny in this immersive world. So assemble your wits, bring your friends, and meet new ones. Gather all the courage you can muster. They will provide you with weapons and garb. All you have to do is you prepare yourself for glory.

Your adventure begins with a large King’s Feast. You will join the King on Friday night at his autumn feast. Food and refreshments throughout the event will be provided.

Should you be inclined to indulge yourself, there will also be specially brewed mead, and wines made available by our wondrous hosts at Mountain Run Winery. In addition there will also be local delicacies, that will be available for a price.

You will be reserved a spot in a Knightly tent (excluding bedding, you bring your own). You will be issued a finely made Fell And Fair tunic, breeches, belt, and boots in the colors of your faction. Your Weapons As a Noble in the King’s Court you are honored to choose a hand weapon, sword, axe, or mace from the King’s armory.

As a member of the King’s court you must choose a faction to align yourself with. We have chosen the dynamic leaders of each faction based on their real world experience. From the Kingsmen, Men-At-Arms, Lords of the Sea and of course, The Rangers. The experience will include, guile and betrayal, mischief and mayhem, but these will be play-acted and pretend. The groups prides itself in being family friendly with a sense of honor and chivalry.

On top of all that, the event is a described as a “cinematic-level experience”, and an excellent documentary crew will be on hand, and filming the whole adventure. This will be released afterwards and they hope will create a whole new genre of experiential entertainment.

If this sparks some interest, head over to www.WeekendWarrior.World to find out more.