The Flash Season 4 – New Hero, Two New Villains Rumoured, & Kid Flash Steps Up!

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14 Jul 17
The Flash Season 4 - New Hero, Two New Villains Rumoured, & Kid Flash Steps Up!

The Flash Season 4 – New Hero, Two New Villains Rumoured, & Kid Flash Steps Up!

‘The Flash’ Season 4 is currently back shooting in Vancouver, and a few little details (and photos) have started to pop up online as to what we can expect when it returns in the Autumn. Obviously, there are *SPOILERS* for Flash Season 4 in this article, so look away now if you don’t want to know…

Still here? Good!

First up, That Hashtag Show are reporting to have got their hands on some character breakdowns from the upcoming season, which seems to introduce two new villains and one interesting new hero!

The hero is described as “Male, Mid to late 30s, Any Ethnicity. A Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt type. Ralph is able to drastically change the shape of his body, but is having a difficult time changing his ways. Will most likely be comedic relief for the season.” For those of you that know your DC comic books, that is clearly Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, who made his first appearance in The Flash comic books back in the 60s. He played a central role in Brad Meltzer’s brilliant Identity Crisis run, which saw his wife Sue be murdered. If you haven’t read that book, I urge you to go and pick up a copy! Elongated Man is said to be a major guest star on Season 4, with an option to return in Season 5.

The first villain, as had already pretty much been confirmed, is Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker, a character who’s been around in the comic books since the 1940s. He’s “Male, 40-50, Any Ethnicity. After being caught in the particle accelerator explosion, Clifford Devoe became an extremely intelligent meta-human. A super genius who’s plans to fix all he sees wrong with humanity.” This is the first time that Flash won’t be facing a speedster as the main villain for the season. With The Thinker, it’s more about a battle of wits. Think the fastest man alive versus the fastest brain alive! The character will be a series regular for Season 4.

The second villain is The Thinker’s sidekick, The Mechanic – “Female, 30-40, Any Ethnicity. An extremely intelligent engineer who will design devices for Clifford Devoe. Basically, Devoe’s right hand. She’ll support Devoe no matter the consequences.” She’s a new introduction to the DC universe and doesn’t appear to have a comic book counterpart. It will be a reoccurring guest role for whoever gets the part.

Over to the existing characters, it looks like Barry’s disappearance has forced Wally West (Keiyan Lonsdale) to move from being Kid Flash to THE Flash given the latest set photos! As you probably remember, at the end of Season 3, Barry had to agree to join the Speed Force to solve the imbalance caused by releasing Jay Garrick from the Speed Force Prison. As we start Season 4, it’s been 6 months since Barry left, and it seems Team Flash have convinced Wally the city needs to know The Flash is still out there, as he can be seen in the photos below in Flash’s red outfit.

The series premiere is titled “The Flash Reborn”, so that could be a reference to Wally’s new position, or (more likely), the return of Barry from the Speed Force. It’s also a very similar title to Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s ‘The Flash: Rebirth‘ comic book, which saw Barry return from the dead. Whether Wally will keep the red costume once Barry is back, or returns to his old Kid Flash costume, remains to be seen.

‘The Flash’ Season 4 returns to Sky 1 in Autumn 2017.