A ‘Teen Wolf’ Reboot Is Being Considered… (Yes, Really…) And A Podcast!

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19 Jul 17
A 'Teen Wolf' Reboot Is Being Considered... Yes, Really...

A ‘Teen Wolf’ Reboot Is Being Considered… Yes, Really…

Not content with rebooting film franchises, Hollywood are now looking at rebooting reboots! Whilst UK audiences are patiently waiting for the, supposed ‘final’ 6th season of Teen Wolf to turn up on Netflix UK (get a move on guys!), MTV are in talks with the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, about rebooting it as an anthology series.

The idea would be to bring the show back at some point over the next few years, set in a new location with a new cast. Not only that, they are talking about extending the stories of the original characters in podcast form. “These characters and these stories have hit a peak,” comments MTV president Chris McCarthy. “We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive. And the beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years.”

It comes as no shock MTV would be looking for a way to extend the franchise given it’s been a runaway success for the US network. “How do we keep this franchise alive in podcasts, in the spirit of Serial, and then how do we actually reboot an entire new class?” continues McCarthy. “Because the heart of MTV is around these timeless issues of young people and coming of age, but the timely piece will be the whole new cast, new set of issues and stories to explore through them. With ‘Teen Wolf’, we have such a beautiful gem. And when you have a creator like Jeff that is such an amazing partner and the fan base that is hungry for more, we’re crazy not to.”

The idea would be to run the podcast shortly after the ‘final’ Season 6 ends, then reboot the show in a few years with a new cast. “We want to give it enough time to let the series finale marinate a year or so, and then when we find the right story and the right cast, look to resurrect it,” he concludes.

As I mentioned at the top of the story, UK audiences are still waiting for Season 6 to be dropped onto Netflix UK. Even though the final season of Teen Wolf was split in half by MTV, my feeling is that Netflix are having to wait for the whole thing to air in the US before they can bring it online. We’ll give you more info when we have it!