‘Defenders Of The Triforce’ From Real Escape Rooms by Scrap

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31 Jul 17
'Defenders Of The Triforce' From Real Escape Rooms by Scrap

‘Defenders Of The Triforce’ From Real Escape Rooms by Scrap

Scrap Real Escape Rooms have teamed up with Nintendo to make Zelda themed puzzle adventure – Defenders Of The Triforce. As escape rooms go its pretty unique, as it isn’t really an escape room at all, although it does have the same puzzle solving mentality.

You sit in teams of 6 in a large room where a rather entertaining compare introduces you to the world of Zelda and the rules of the game accompanied by a fun flash animated video explaining why you have just one hour to find the Master Sword and save Hyrule. You are then off in your green Link hat finding clues, solving puzzles and taking answers to characters in costume at 5 different Zelda themed rooms about the hall to collect items and clues for the next set of puzzles.

A lot of the puzzles are worksheet based and involve math or word based games with a Zelda theme but some have chests to unlock or item based tasks as well. It starts deceptively easy then progressively gets harder until you start seeing other teams getting ahead of you and wondering if you will even solve it all in time!

Our team won… with a whole ten seconds to spare! Afterwards there are some great photo opportunities to post with a full-size prop replica of the Master Sword on your way out as well. It was a fun day out, even if it was quite different to a standard escape room, and definitely good bit of geek based team building!

Check out our full review with footage of the event below:

Defenders of the Triforce is created by Scrap and is an officially licensed Zelda game. You can currently play it in the UK and US right now and will be touring Europe in the near future.

Find out more or buy tickets on their website – scrapzelda.com