The Greatest TV Casino Scenes In History

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24 May 18
The Greatest TV Casino Scenes In History

The Greatest TV Casino Scenes In History

Rob Pope is a man inspired by what he saw on screen. He’s currently running the USA five times. Why? Because he felt like it…

For us at Geektown, Forrest Gump’s feat isn’t exactly encouraging us to get our trainers on, but there’s plenty of TV and film that gets us itching to do something.

No more so than when our favourite stars hit the casino. There are so many great scenes, both funny and tense, and we’re not just talking about Carla Connor’s gambling binges on Coronation Street!

We take a look at the best casino scenes from TV’s rich history…

Boardwalk Empire

Nothing quite gets us logging onto the online casinos like Boardwalk Empire. There are so many great gambling scenes, straight off the Atlantic City boardwalk, that it gets us exploring some of the popular online gambling sites just for the thrill of feeling we are part the show’s events.

Nucky has a number of great games with Arnold Rothstein, with the latter cleaning out his casino in a tense game. With Rothstein wanting more, Nucky delivers the line, “You’re credit is good with me.”

Season Four sees Nucky get his revenge though in this fantastic casino scene…


There’s been The One in… everywhere when it comes to friends, but ‘The One in Vegas’ is a fine effort from Ross, Rachel, Joey and the rest of the gang.

The season five finale sees Monica and Chandler head to Sin City for their anniversary, but with Phoebe in tow too, things, of course, take a comic turning…

The Office (US)

An award-winning season finale, Steve Carell is classic Michael Scott in this episode, famously telling staff, “I am no longer your boss. Lady Fortune is your boss.”

Taking place at a charity casino night, it’s ‘The Office’ at its very best, bringing cringeworthy humour in the way only the great sitcom can.


The casino has seen many hustles on the television and silver screen, so it makes sense British drama ‘Hustle’ took it on at some point.

Coming in series seven, the episode sees Mickey Stone and his men try and beat the casino, despite the roulette wheel being rigged.

How I Met Your Mother

As Nucky trod the boards in the past, 2006 was the turn of Ted and the gang in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Marshall and Lily head to the AC to elope, but after losing a ton of cash the episode takes a turn towards Barney, who must win their money back in an incredible game of Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing, a clearly made up, but incredibly exciting game we wouldn’t say no to in a casino!