MCM Comic Con London May 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

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06 Jun 18
MCM Comic Con London May 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

MCM Comic Con London May 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

Unlike the previous MCM Comic Con in Birmingham earlier this year, May’s MCM Comic Con London had some of the most glorious weather we have had this year in the UK! Perfect for hanging out in the courtyard of the ExCEL, taking photos, chatting with friends, and dancing along to K-Pop hits!

If you’ve never been to MCM Comic Con London before, it is a giant and wonderfully fun gathering of geekdom split over the two sides of London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre. The show is filled with everything a geek could wish for, from tv and film guests to piles of geeky merchandise, and stacks of comic books!

I’ve been covering the MCM events for a number of years now, and what I always love is how incredibly friendly people are there. You rarely see any issues, even after the event closes and people head to the local drinking establishment ‘The Fox’ to dance the night away. You’ll never meet a nicer bunch of folk, from the volunteers to the security, the paid staff, guests and cosplayers. It’s always a fantastic, friendly atmosphere.

The Guests

Whilst some people come for the comics, geek paraphernalia and cosplay, a lot of people are there to have the chance to meet, and get photos/autographs with various stars of tv and film. ReedPop, who run the event and MCM pulled out a great line up this year, with guest coming from tv, film, and gaming, both in front of and behind the cameras. As with all these events, we don’t get the chance to chat with every guest due to their schedule. We did, however, manage to pull a number of people up to the press room for a chat including, ‘The Flash’ stars Danielle Nicolet & Jessica Parker Kennedy, ‘Deadpool 2’ stars Brianna Hildebrand & Stefan Kapicic‘The Walking Dead’ stars Khary Payton (King Ezekiel) & Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Andrew Lee Potts, star of ‘Primeval’ & ‘Alice’ and the legend that is Mr. Sylvester McCoy. We also got to talk to a whole bunch of voiceover artists from gaming and tv including ‘Grand Theft Auto V’s’ Steven Ogg, Ned Luke & Shawn FontenoKevin Conroy who, to most people, is known as THE voice of Batman; The hilarious John DiMaggio who proved the voice of Bender in ‘Futurama’Jim Cummings, who is as lovable as the characters he voices – Winnie The Pooh & Tigger; April Stewart, who provides so many voices on ‘South Park’ it’s hard to keep track; And lastly David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake in the ‘Metal Gear’ games.

You can find all the interviews we did at the show in the YouTube playlist below:

The Cosplay

It’s usually at this point in the article I’d cover something about the indie comic books at the show. However, I was so busy whilst down there this time, I didn’t get a chance to have a good look around the stands. Fear not though. Thanks to our colleague Bex Trista over at TristaBytes, who did manage to interview some of the comic creators, we will be posting a video about the indie comics in due course.

Along with the interviews, the other thing which was taking up my time was photographing some of the spectacular cosplay we saw whilst down there. Such an amazing collection of varied outfits, it was really something to behold. They ranged from the silly, such as the “is this cosplay?” meme, to a wide selection of Harley Quinns, to various gaming, film and tv characters.

You can see all of our cosplay photos from MCM Comic Con London – May 2018 below. If you are in any of the photos, thank you for posing, and if you want the super high res version of the picture, just message me via the contact page, and I’ll email it over.