How Online Slot Games Appeal to Geeks and Gamers

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17 Sep 18
How Online Slot Games Appeal to Geeks and Gamers

How Online Slot Games Appeal to Geeks and Gamers

When you think of traditionally “geeky” pastimes, you probably think of watching movies, playing video games, and reading comics. Far down on your list (if on your list at all) is playing casino games and online slots. But, despite spinning the slots not being an obviously nerdy hobby, it is growing in popularity with many self-identified geeks.

Recently revealed figures confirmed that online gambling accounts for 33% of all gambling in Britain and that the sector is growing. This is largely in part due to the sector’s ability to appeal to new audiences and that includes the geekier sections of the population.

Many Online Slots Are Official Tie-Ins

One of the biggest reasons why more and more geeks are turning to online slots is because they offer additional ways to interact with franchises that they already know and love. Playing casino slots such as the official Tomb Raider slot, for example, is another way to interact with Lara Croft’s world. The five-reel slot includes symbols with the daring adventurer in action, while the symbols for gadgets and artefacts are true to the video game and movie series. The Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, and Lord of the Rings slots are similarly engaging for fans of those franchises. It doesn’t hurt that the top casinos offer free-spins nowadays, so fans looking to check out their favourite franchise’s slot do not necessarily need to risk their own money in order to taste the action.

Slots Have Geeky Themes

In fact, even when an online slot isn’t an official tie-in like those mentioned above, they still find ways to appeal to a geek’s interests. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is hugely popular with geeks, for instance, with comic book superheroes such as Thor (the God of Thunder) having legions of adoring fans thanks to the blockbuster movies. Online slot games like Thor have capitalised on this popularity, using Viking mythology and an ancient runic style to appeal to fans of the films, the superhero, and ancient lore as a whole. The use of free spins, no deposit bonuses and other offers also make it easy for geeks to get into the games even if they’ve not previously played online slots before.

The abundance of geek-focused online slot games also includes tie-ins for Jurassic Park, the Hitman video game franchise, and sci-fi series Terminator. These games have all been developed to target a specific, nerdy audience and as this list of games grows even longer, expect playing online slots to be considered a quintessential geeky hobby instead of just an afterthought.