Should Traditional Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games?

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15 Sep 18
Should Traditional Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games?

Should Traditional Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games?

According to a report by Statista, there were 2.21 billion gamers in the world in 2017. By 2018 this figure is expected to have risen to a massive 2.341 billion people and by the end of 2021, we’ll be looking at a figure of 2.725 billion gamers in the world.

The majority of this figure is made up of players of traditional gaming experiences – whether that means a PC RPG, a console FPS or a mobile platformer. But as the number of gamers grows and players quickly gobble up everything that the traditional games industry has to offer, many may soon turn to online casino games as a means of accessing new gaming experiences.

What Sort of Online Casino Games Suit Traditional Gamers Best?

The online casino games industry has been catering to traditional gamers for quite some time and many of the existing gaming experiences – particularly online slots – already borrow some features and themes from classic game genres. In the Canadian online casinos market highlights several of these in its online casino reviews. For instance, many online casino providers offer mobile apps for the gamer on the go and some boast more than 1,000 games for players to choose from, meaning that even the freshest of casino players will be able to find something that interests them. Many games also feature familiar gaming tropes; slots like Agent Jane Blonde offer super-spy action, Immortal Romance packs a narrative punch and players of traditional games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be at home with card classics such as blackjack.

How Online Casinos Make It Easier for Traditional Gamers to Play 

But it’s not just a game selection and optimised mobile apps. Traditional gamers also have an easy way into the world of online casino games because of the bonuses and offers. Many casino game providers offer welcome bonuses for signing up or free spins for certain games, allowing players to use this free allowance to test the games they’re interested in before putting any money down. It means that even if traditional gamers are just dipping their toes in the water, they’ll be able to see what’s on offer before making a decision.

Online casinos will likely continue to cater to this group of tuned-in gamers. Gamers are a prime audience because they know what they like and stay fiercely loyal when games are fun, friendly and reward their loyalty.