MCM Comic Con Birmingham: David Morrissey Interview (Britannia, The Walking Dead)

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28 Nov 18

The next video interview we have from MCM Comic-Con in Birmingham comes from one of our favourite actors, David Morrissey.

The Liverpudlian actor is a very familiar face to viewers around the world. He first appeared on screen back in the early 80’s in Willy Russell’s mini-series ‘One Summer’. However, for many people, it was his performance as Stephen Collins MP in David Yates & Paul Abbott’s ‘State Of Play’ that really got their attention in the UK. He then went on to play a real-life politician, Gordon Brown, in Peter Morgan’s drama ‘The Deal’, opposite Michael Sheen’s Tony Blair.

International audiences probably know him best as the disturbingly dark antagonist from ‘The Walking Dead’, Philip ‘The Governor’ Blake. He also played Tobias in ‘Extant’, with Halle Berry, and starred as the Earl of Northumberland ‘The Hollow Crown’.

More recently, he has been starring as Aulus Plautius, the Roman politician and general, in Sky Atlantic’s ‘Britannia’. Along with the upcoming 2nd Season of ‘Britannia’, he is also due to pop up in Amazon’s adaptation of ‘Good Omens’, playing Captain Vincent.

In the interview, David discusses what will be coming up for Aulus has we head into the next season of ‘Britannia’, plus what it was like working on ‘The Walking Dead’ and whether he would return.

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