Sky One Sets December UK Premiere Dates For ‘Hawaii Five-0’, ‘NCIS: LA’, & ‘MacGyver’

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05 Dec 18
Sky One Sets December UK Premiere Dates For 'Hawaii Five-0', 'NCIS: LA', & 'MacGyver'

Sky One Sets December UK Premiere Dates For ‘Hawaii Five-0’, ‘NCIS: LA’, & ‘MacGyver’

Whilst the rest of us are prepping for Christmas, Sky is setting things up for the new year, as it announces premiere dates for Hawaii Five-0‘ Season 9, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Season 10, and MacGyver‘ Season 3.

‘MacGyver’ opens the night with a brilliant parachute scene and a tragic cliffhanger as the on-the-fly contraption master returns to save the world once again. When we rejoin the genius agent, he’s quit his job at the Phoenix after last season’s shocking discovery about his long-lost father. He’s living in Nigeria and has even got himself a new girlfriend. But, as watching him kick back on a beach wouldn’t make a good drama, a case close to his heart is about to drag him and his duct tape right back into action.

He hears his Phoenix friend Jack is the new target of a murderous dictator, and that means both a trip to Belarus and some deadly DIY.

The return of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ marks the 50th anniversary of the original drama on which the remake is based. The opening episode, Ka ‘owili’oka’i (Cocoon), is a retelling of the original show’s pilot that aired five decades ago. McGarrett’s CIA friend is killed and he doesn’t believe it was an accident. So, what does he do? He deliberately gets himself captured to find his killer, and that means enduring a torturous stint in a sensory deprivation tank.

Meanwhile, Tani is torn between keeping schtum and telling McGarrett about the gun she found at Adam’s house.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ returns for its 10th Season with the episode ‘To Live and Die in Mexico’. If you remember, last season ended on a cliffhanger… Callen’s off-the-books mission in Mexico to find Mosley’s son ended in a missile striking the truck he was in with Sam, Kensi and Deeks. The new series picks up off right where it left off, and things aren’t looking good…

The team might have survived the explosion but Deeks is unconscious and they’ve lost all contact with their LA colleagues. And, just to make things worse, a cartel boss has placed a dead-or-alive bounty on their heads!

All three shows premiere Sunday, 30th December 2018 on Sky One & NOW TV with ‘MacGyver‘ Season 3 at 8pm, ‘Hawaii Five-0‘ Season 9 at 9pm, and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Season 10 at 10pm.