Supernatural’s Misha Collins Sunday Panel From MCM London Comic Con – May 2019

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27 May 19

Along with Team Arrow, MCM London Comic Con this weekend had another popular star of a tv series which is coming to an end next season – Misha Collins, aka Castiel from the amazing ‘Supernatural’.

Once again, it was proving impossible to pull Misha away from signing tables and photoshoots to get him in the press room for a chat, but he did have two panels on the Main Stage at MCM this weekend. Unfortunately, we missed the Saturday panel as it clashed with something else, however, we did manage to catch him on stage for his Sunday panel. He was on top form, with lots of jokes and answers to fan questions.

Of particular note in this panel was Misha’s joking description of the show as “two underwear models driving around in their Dukes Of Hazzard car”, and the surprise video question he gets from someone described as a “Supernatural superfan…” He also discusses the amazing amount of charity things the show has allowed him (and fans of the show) to achieve, how his ability to annoy people doing accents turned into a career, and explains the time he got arrested for being on a roof.

Have you ever wanted to know the colour of Castiel’s wings, or if he will get them back? Or would like to know what Misha would be doing if he wasn’t an actor? Just watch the video above! We should also mention, due to a technical issue, we missed the very first few minutes of the panel on the video, but if you want to hear the whole thing from start to finish then keep an eye out for the Geektown Radio podcast tomorrow (28th May 2019), which will have the entire audio from Sunday’s panel, along with other interviews from MCM London.

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