Bringing Back The Good Old Days With Ten Of The Best Retro Games

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11 Dec 19

Bringing Back The Good Old Days With Ten Of The Best Retro Games

The expansion of technology has seen a spectacular rise in quality video gaming, yet even this has not stopped the yearning for the good old days of retro gaming. The simpler days of arcade games where graphics moved at the speed of tired tortoises will always foment nostalgia. Here are ten to relive that memory.


Who would have thought that building blocks would have been so entertaining and would have lasted so long? Soviet Union’s Alexey Pajitnov completed the first version in 1984 and gaming has never been the same since.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega’s revolutionary game of 1991 saw an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog battling the evil and crazed Dr. Eggman. Collecting golden rings has never been as fun as Sonic sold 15 million units.

Super Mario Kart


Aging superbly, Super Mario Kart still retains its beauty from when it was first created in 1992. Whilst later versions are often easy to succeed in, the original makes you work hard for your victory.

Space Invaders

The extraterrestrial classic was the first cover shooter, coming onto the scene in 1978. As the music speeds up so does your heart rate with aliens bearing down on you.

Stakes Winner

A horse classic with colourful, attractive graphics. As you get better, the races get harder and it relies on your patience to tap a button to make your horse go faster, but don’t press it too much or your horse’s energy will drain quicker. The player will also need to move their horse in and out of other competitors.

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Streets of Rage 2

Whilst the original Streets of Rage was average, its sequel was mightily impressive. Needing a partner to play the game, Streets of Rage 2 had gamers on the edge of their seats as they battled past opponents.

Donkey Kong

Nintendo’s Donkey Kong hit the headlines with the thrusting into the limelight of Mario. The rest, of course, is history, but Nintendo’s founding of Donkey Kong in 1981 led to the Japanese company finally permeating US gamewaves.


1986 saw Arcade launch Outrun – a complete road trip of the US featuring a supercar, a blonde bombshell, palm trees and cloudless skies. Certainly one to get you dreaming of Miami, California.


Not the smell, but the game, Pong was simple but yet very effective. Atari’s version featured just a scoreboard, two bats and a ball, yet hours of endless fun.

Ms. Pac Man

The sequel to the original Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man had more features, more maps and was more difficult to play. However, it has always been referenced as a much better game than its prequel.