Channel 4 Announces Six New Comedy Blaps, Available On All4 Now!

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16 Dec 19

Channel 4 Announces Six New Comedy Blaps, Available On All4 Now!

Channel 4 has announced six new comedy “Blaps”, the largest amount the broadcast has ever released in one go. These hilarious shorts, are available for free on All 4, and feature up and coming talents Sam Campbell, Fran Bushe, Tash Marshall and Jonny Pelham alongside Marek Larwood (‘Sorry I’ve Got No Head’, ‘Fast and Loose’, ‘Rush Hour’), Javone Prince (‘Phone Shop’, ‘The Javone Prince Show’), Jamie Demetriou (‘Stath Lets Flats’), Charlotte Ritchie (‘Dead Pixels’, ‘Ghosts’) and Ian Beattie (‘Vikings’, ‘Game of Thrones’).

Channel 4’s comedy Blaps have a strong track record of being the birthplace of many series commissions. ‘Stath Lets Flats’, ‘High & Dry’, ‘Lee and Dean’, ‘Home’ and E4’s brilliant ‘Dead Pixels’ all began life as the short-form Blaps. ‘Lady Parts’, one of the most talked-about Blaps to date, has also been commissioned for a full series on Channel 4.

These new releases include:

Sam Campbell: Get Real Dude: From Sam Campbell, Get Real Dude is a sketch show. A mad one. An energetic, unpredictable, colourful, stream-of-consciousness and a smorgasbord of crazy ideas and unique mixed-media visuals including puppetry, 2D and 3D animation; brought to life by production company Blink Industries, known for their visually inventive comedy content. Released as one 15 minute episode, Get Real Dude stars 2018 Barry Award Winner Sam alongside a cast of the UK’s best alternative comedians and comedy actors.

A Blink Industries Production, Get Real Dude was created, written and performed by Sam Campbell. It was produced by Charlie Perkins, directed by Joe Pelling (co-creator of the viral YouTube sensation Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared), and executive produced by James Stevenson Bretton. The Blap also features Jamie Demetriou, David O’Doherty, Charlotte Ritchie, Neil Edmond, Tanya Moodie, Al Roberts, Rob Carter, Arnab Chanda, Shivani Thussu, Terry Bird, Carole Street, Mark Silcox and Aaron Chen. It was commissioned by Jack Bayles.

Brad Boyz: Welcome to Alexander Peel Bradford College (Ofsted rating: No Longer Unacceptable). It’s here, at the beating heart of a city reputedly split along racial lines, that one intrepid foursome stands together. They call themselves the Brad Boyz. They are Bash, Syed, Sham and the white one, Steven. But now at college, the boys are starting to ask questions. Questions like: Does a peach and apricot Fruit Corner constitute adequate reparations for Empire? Can someone be both fit and racist? And: is Haribo haram, bro? As Steven attempts to make up for his ancestors by ridding the campus of its colonial remnants, the more pressing issue is whether the Brad Boyz can emerge unscathed from the existential threat that is their conflicting identities. Based on Jonny Pelham’s experience growing up in Bradford as the only white kid in his gang, Brad Boyz is a warm, ensemble comedy. It’s a coming-of-age tale in the era of identity. And there’s some jokes about dog-f***ing.

Brad Boyz is made by Rockerdale Studios. It was created by Jonny Pelham and Stu Richards. It was written by Jonny Pelham with Ahmed Elmusrati, Junaid Arshad, Nikhil Parmar, Sadia Azmat and Stu Richards. It stars Jonny Pelham, Ahmed Elmusrati, Junaid Arshad, Nikhil Parmar, Natalie Davies, Emily Lloyd Saini, and Preslie Grace. It was directed by Stu Richards with Islah Abdur-Rahman, the producer was Michelle Singer and the executive producers are Stu Richards and Michelle Singer. Brad Boyz was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

The Tool: Work-life for Tom, Sarah, Bob and Jason is unbearable thanks to the antics of their obnoxious co-worker, Jazz Michaels. Jazz – aided by his henchman Rupesh – is an offensive bully, but completely untouchable as his aunt runs the company. When Jazz sabotages a crucial presentation and Tom and his friends are faced with the sack, they finally seek their revenge. But a shocking turn of events means that Tom finds himself at Jazz’s mercy…

The Tool is a Fudge Park production. It was written by Marek Larwood and directed by Jon Drever. It stars Edward Easton, Maddie Rice, Marek Larwood, Jason Forbes, Javone Prince, Divian Ladwa. It was produced by Simon Wilson, and the executive producer was Phil Gilbert. The Tool was commissioned by Jon Petrie.

Halfbreed: Jas is changing but nothing around her is. She loves her village, but the microaggressions of village life are starting to get to her. She doesn’t want to settle down and have a baby and she’s had enough of the same old jokes, surrounded by friends who don’t take risks and a family who don’t understand her. When she is ridiculed by the village bully, she realises staying silent makes her just as bad as everyone else. With her Gran’s support will Jas find the confidence to overcome the obstacles that are holding her back? Or will Jas’s dreams create an even bigger gap between her and best friend Brogan? Something needs to change and sometimes stepping into the unknown is the only option.

Halfbreed is a Saturday’s Child/Talkback production. It was created and written by Tash Marshall. It was co-written by Gemma Marshall. It stars Tash Marshall, Callie Cook, Tricia Deighton, Chloe Okora, Liz May Brice, Bobby Schofield, Peter Jakubow and Tim Henley. The Blap was directed by Sophia Di Martino, the producer was Gayle Cope and the executive producer was Nana Hughes. Halfbreed was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

Thick As: Megan has only recently returned to Northern Ireland, having dropped out of uni in England, and Paula is only too happy to see her friend and accomplice come back to her. Paula lives with her very Belfast mother Annie who has been lonely and bored since her husband died five years ago. When the girls rob a shop , they don’t realise the owner is paying protection money to local former hardman Jimmy McFadden. Jimmy and his protégé Mick pay them a visit and give Paula, Megan and Annie an ultimatum. Thick As is down and dirty, shitty and gritty, where the most brutal cut-downs and comments are reserved for conversation with the nearest and dearest. Thick As was commissioned by Jon Petrie.

Thick As is a BBC Studios Comedy production. It was created and written by Ciaran Bartlett. It stars Ian Beattie, Tracey Lynch, Chloe Hodgens, Tara Cush and Shane Todd. It was directed by Fergal Costello, the producer was Luke Mason and the executive producer was Steven Canny. Thick As was commissioned by Jon Petrie.

The Diary of My Broken Vagina: Written by Fran Bushe and based on her real diary entries, this bold alternative comedy follows Fran, who is pretty certain her vagina is broken. She’s been struggling with what should be the most natural thing in the world! Sex. It’s easy, right? Surely everything should just click right into place? But for Fran it never has. Instead, Doctors treat her like she’s wasting their time and her best friend is running out of helpful suggestions. The truth is, Fran’s being trying to fix this since she was 17. Now at 30 years old and after years of faking it, Fran has finally decided to fix her vagina and she can see only one option: Sex Camp! It’s a place where she will dedicate herself to becoming a multi-orgasmic-sexual-goddess. Or, at least, try to learn to enjoy sex, a bit. But is Fran really ready for what Sex Camp has in store for her? The Diary of my Broken Vagina brings a fresh and honest perspective to female sexual struggles, dealing with a very real problem head-on in a laugh out loud way. This bold and brave female-led comedy will probably teach us all something about sex!

The show as a Shiny Button production. It was written by Fran Bushe and stars Gwyneth Keyworth, Isis Hainsworth, Taj Atwal, Abrahim Jarman and Alhaji Fofona. It was directed by Theresa Varga, the producer was Katie Heggie and the executive producer was Andy Brereton. The commissioner is Jack Bayles.

“I’m delighted to be bringing 6 brand new Blaps, the most we have ever had, to All 4 this Christmas,” comments Fiona McDermott, Head of Channel 4 Comedy. “They are original, ambitious and back a whole new roster of talent on and off-screen as well as representing more of the UK than ever before. With last year’s Blap Lady Parts about to go into production for a full series and shows such as Chewing Gum, Stath Lets Flats and Dead Pixels all originating from Blaps, we’re thrilled to be building on the success and unearthing more potential shows for Channel 4.”

You can watch the six new comedy “Blaps” above or via YouTube, and over on All4 right now.