Guide to Watching and Playing Casino Games on Your TV

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25 Mar 20

Guide to Watching and Playing Casino Games on Your TV

With thanks to the development of technology, Smart TVs are part of the furniture in most households. Those that own these intelligent TVs may even be oblivious to the potential they bring. In the last few years, these TVs are providing owners with an opportunity to get involved with casino games – from the comfort of their recliner. This is one of the many ways that technology is transforming gaming.

At current, lots of providers are broadcasting channels dedicated to casino games, allowing viewers to watch or join in on the play and make bets from home. This trend has surged with newer channels popping up and competition increasing. It is not surprising that convenient casino play is in demand due to the popularity of online casinos as well. Some of the best can be found by scrolling through the top online casinos in the UK at

Existing online casinos can also take advantage of an emerging new market by launching their own casino TV channels hosting live dealers and live casino games. Let’s learn more.

Live Casino TV Service

Established casinos currently offer live casino TV channels with their own slot on a TV channel, or with their dedicated channel. They use live dealers who make the experience more social despite playing from home, usually including a comments section and conversation and input from the dealer themselves.

The TV channel will usually provide statistics about the games being played and inform of big wins within the playing community. This makes the whole casino TV experience interactive and closer to what could be experienced within a real casino from home.

So, How Do players Bet?

Naturally, the action takes place live on the TV set, but this doesn’t explain how these games are bet on. These bets are made via an account on a website, usually accessed by a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once the bet is placed, it will show up instantly on the TV screen/channel. The presenter or live dealer will give players time to cast their selections and commentate on the action and give countdowns – just like a real dealer would.

Just Watching the Action…

Of course, these channels are made to bring the gambling community together and play casino games together in an interactive setting, but they can also be enjoyed as a spectator.

Non-gambling players and those interested in TV casino games could tune into the programme or channel and watch the action unfold. This is ideal if you are new to casino games and want to understand how things work and the rules.

There are other streaming services which have been successful at video gaming, most notoriously Twitch which has a considerable network of gaming fans watching video game streams. Although video gaming does meet gambling in many games, Twitch is not predominantly aimed at gambling.

However, TV casino channels may become an equivalent in the gambling world. Although they would have to compete with gambling channels already streaming casino game son YouTube.