How Technology and Innovation transformed the Gaming Industry

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19 Feb 19
How Technology and Innovation transformed the Gaming Industry

How Technology and Innovation transformed the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has undergone significant changes across the board, affecting the way gamers enjoy the experience and engage with one another, and propels itself forward through new advancements from virtual reality to streaming, and beyond.

The technology used today for gaming is light years ahead of what was available at the onset, when there were far fewer options for gamers looking to enjoy the then new technology. What made the few games at the disposal of players so enjoyable was the simple fact that it was a new frontier, so nearly everything was intriguing. The graphics were nowhere near as detailed as what gamers take for granted currently, and joysticks were rudimentary compared to today’s standards. Nevertheless, interest remained extremely high and the industry managed to satiate audiences with several releases that today are considered classics and iconic since their debut.

Multiplayer Games

The early days of gaming involved sometimes only single player options and maybe two players against one another at optimal levels. Nowadays, players have these options at their disposal plus the ability to compete against gamers anywhere in the city, country, or even internationally. This elevation of the gaming experience has led to an increase in participation among people from every corner of the world and resulted in games like the multiplayer shooter game Fortnite becoming mega hits and generating billions upon billions in revenue for major gaming retailers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has made the experience even more real for gamers and the authenticity of gaming has been met with across the board approval from fans and enticed new users into the realm that would never have ever considered participation before. Predictions for the immediate future include both AR and VR applications ramping up sophistication-wise as the devices used today continue to gain traction in capabilities and overall power. The end result is a more intense and exciting experience for gamers as visuals increase in quality. VR gamers will also have the opportunity to challenge more opponents and react in more versatile ways as adaptation to playing styles expands. This more immersive experience promises to bring a realism to VR games previously unforeseen.

Advancements in headsets will allow users to explore and interact in a more natural way as point-of-view and tracking abilities are heightened.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has grown exponentially to become a cottage industry unto itself, with fans now able to watch their favorite gamers participating in the most popular games available at any given time. The live streaming platform has allowed users to live stream anything from cooking to bowling to video games and everything in between, along the way becoming a huge success in the marketplace, a significant part of gaming culture.

Live streaming has also been a huge factor in the online gambling industry innovation, enabling live online casino action. This new experience is unlike anything online casino players have experienced before, allowing them to play in real casinos with real dealers, while communicating with them and watching them spinning the roulette wheel or dealing blackjack cards in real time. Live online casino is set only to get larger over time as more and more casinos join the live action and the technology improves. The Winstar Online Live casino, for example, offers live version of casino table games like roulette, blackjack and Poker by using streaming technology and this innovative service is by far one of the most popular parts of the casino.

As the gaming industry continues to improve and excel exponentially, gamers are the ones ultimately benefiting from these technological strides.