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Gambling games within video games!

by Dave Elliott

As you know we’re big fans of gaming here at Geektown, but what about gaming within gaming?…

There are lots of games out there that have mini-games within them, and many of those allow you to gamble and win additional money or stuff to help you along the way. So rather than just go highlighting the best online casinos in the uk, I though we’d take a look at some of gambling games that are out there within existing games!

Caravan – Fallout New Vegas

First one up is ‘Caravan’ from the game Fallout: New Vegas. Caravan is a card game started by caravan guards in the post-apocalyptic wasteland to pass the time from loose playing cards they found on their travels. To get a free starter deck of cards, head to see Ringo in Goodsprings. You can collect more cards as you travel throughout the game world.

The principle of the game is for each player to create 3 stacks or ‘caravan’s of cards. Each person places a card on the stack, and the object is to keep the value of the stack above 20 and below 27. The first person to get 2 caravans between 20 and 27 wins. If you get a decent deck together, it can be a handy way to make a few additional caps in the wilderness. Heck, what’s Vegas without gambling!

Pazaak – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Pazaak Gambling

Pazaak Gambling

Star Wars is a franchise know for having a number of games created for it. Dejarik (where you should let the wookie win), Sabacc and of course Pazaak, which featured in Bioware’s KotOR games.

Pazaak is another card game, with some basic similarities to earth’s poker. The idea is to beat your opponent to 20 without going over. First player to win 3 rounds take the pot. The difference with Pazaak is that you have specialty cards that allow you to adjust your total up and down. So if you reach 21, you could play a -1 card, and win with 20. There are also Flip Cards to flip all the -/+ cards to their opposites, which can be a nasty way mess up your opponents plans!

Dabo – Star Trek Online



Ahh Dabo… Probably best know from the TV show Deep Space 9 where Quark ran Dabo tables in his bar. However, it also made it into Star Trek Online as a nice way of winning yourself some Gold-Pressed Latinum to spend on shiny new gear!

Dabo is a game of chance developed by the Ferengi, and involves a roulette-type wheel containing 36 slots and a number of symbols. On each spin, the player bets on 3 symbols. Much like a fruit machine, how much you win depends on the which combination of symbols come up. The biggest payouts come from winning a Dabo, which is when 3 symbols or colours match.

So what’s your favourite game within a game? Let us know!

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