PDPA Partnered Gamstop

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06 Jan 21

PDPA Partnered Gamstop

The gambling industry has enjoyed huge success in the UK with the birth of remote gambling websites made legal in 2005. Despite UK gambling laws and measures, the gambling watchdog UKGC has seen a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from serious betting-related problems. This situation has allowed the Remote Gambling Association to set up a self-exclusion program called Gamstop in order to minimize gambling-related harms there.

Gamstop scheme allows players to opt-out of all gaming websites for a period of time between 6 months to 5 years. Convinced of its effectiveness with players in difficulty, the Professional Darts Players Association or PDPA or Professional Darts Players Association has concluded a partnership agreement with Gamstop to provide assistance to its players.

Details of the Partnership

A partnership agreement has been concluded between Gamstop and the PDPA with a view to informing players about the risks of gambling as well as offering players suffering from gambling problems a self-exclusion solution. With this collaboration, the information sessions within the association and the framework of social networks will be set-up to inform a greater number of people about the existence of this self-exclusion tool. On the other hand, gamblers are looking for possibilities to get around Gamstop and continue playing.

In addition, this alliance will accentuate the measures already taken by PDPA in terms of education, prevention, and treatment of gambling addiction. Indeed, the Gamstop self-exclusion is a scheme that allows players to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling websites for free in order to control their gambling behavior. Registration with Gamstop is a condition for obtaining a license issued by the Gambling Commission for all the gambling operators. In short, PDPA and Gamstop have a common interest in their effort to help people with serious gambling problems and in their effort to raise awareness to people about the dangers of gambling.

Gamstop, an Awarded Self-exclusion Scheme

As mentioned above, Gamstop is a free service that allows players to self-exclude from gambling websites and applications. Players who realize that the way they play is becoming a problem for them and those around them can subscribe to the Gamstop service for free. They just have to enter their identity details and an email will confirm the registration. Mind that the registration with Gamstop may take around 24 hours to be validated.

When the registration is validated, the player can choose the duration of his exclusion; a minimum duration of 6 months to a maximum duration of 5 years according to his choice. As a result, the player will be banned from all gambling websites and applications throughout the UK. It is impossible to delete the registration after the confirmation. Although the UK Gambling Commission obliged all the UK-based gambling operators to participate in the Gamstop scheme, there are still many websites that are not registered on its list.

PDPA, the Elite Darts Players Association

The Professional Darts Players Association is a British association which brings together professional darts players there. Founded in the 1980s, the group is run by a board of directors of six professional players elected annually, whose current president is Peter Manley. The association currently has 600 members. The PDPA has as official partners the PDC or Professional Darts Corporation as well as the DRA or Darts Regulation Authority. Since 2014, the association has become a member of the Professional Players Federation which brings together all professional players of all sports in the UK.

To become a member of the PDPA, the player must be a holder of the PDC Tour Card. To obtain this tour card, the player must enter the qualifying school of the PDPA in which qualification is done every January. In fact, to enter the qualifying school, the player has to pay a registration fee of £ 250 plus £ 250 if he wins a PDC business card, making a total of £ 500 for each full membership. Tour Cards allow players to participate in and qualify for televised dart tournaments such as the PDC Premier. In addition to this, Tour Card holders will also have the right to participate in the World Darts Championships.