‘FBI: International’: CBS Working On New Spin-Off To The Dick Wolf Franchise

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19 Feb 21

‘FBI: International’: CBS Working On New Spin-Off To The Dick Wolf Franchise

Just when you thought CBS couldn’t come up with another procedural spin-off, it’s revealed that Dick Wolf is working on a third show for his ‘FBI’ franchise, currently under the working title of ‘FBI: International’.

Not a huge amount is known about the show, other than it rather does what it says on the tin… Dealing with agents at the branches of the FBI which handles international cases. In real life, the FBI has had special agents and other personnel stationed overseas for the past seven decades, working with local law enforcement, intelligence, and security services around the globe to help prevent threats to America and the world. With 63 legal attaché offices, alongside 24 smaller sub-offices providing coverage for 180 countries, there should be plenty of material for the show to work with.

The potential new series comes from Derek Haas, who was previously co-showrunner on the main ‘FBI’, co-creator of ‘Chicago Fire’, on which he also served as showrunner, and co-developer of ‘Chicago P.D.’ and ‘Chicago Med’. Haas would write and exec produce, with Wolf Entertainment’s Dick Wolf,  Peter Jankowski, and Arthur Forney also exec producing. Universal Television would produce in association with Wolf Entertainment and CBS Studios.

‘FBI: International’ is still in the development stages right now, but should they decide to move forward, it would likely first air as a “backdoor pilot” in either ‘FBI’, or the other spin-off, ‘FBI: Most Wanted’. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that CBS are looking to expand the franchise, as ‘FBI’ has become the most watch regular drama on the US network, with ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ sitting in third place. This actually wouldn’t be the first time CBS has tried to deal with the international work of the FBI, as that was also the subject matter of ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ starring Gary Sinise, which was cancelled after two seasons.

CBS is really leaning into procedural spin-off at the moment, with the recent announcement that the other big crime franchise, ‘NCIS’, could be getting an ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ spin-off. They are also set to revive one of their biggest procedural drama in ‘CSI: Vegas’, an event series that sees original stars William Petersen and Jorja Fox return as Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle alongside a new cast. Meanwhile, over on NBC, Wolf Entertainment is bringing ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’, a new spin-off to their massive legal drama franchise, which sees Christopher Meloni return as Elliot Stabler.

‘FBI: International’ (working title) is still only in development at the moment, but we’ll let you know when we hear more.