How to Get the Most Out of Online Casino Bonuses

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23 Feb 21

How to Get the Most Out of Online Casino Bonuses

How many sales are you likely to attract to a new venture that does not market its products? Marketing is one of the essential departments in a typical business venture. Every business-oriented Individual understands that a good marketing strategy always assures returns to the company.

The casino in Norway is a business and a source of income. The owners have to employ the best sales strategies to excel in their services. Some of the vital aspects they consider are the number of new customers that join them and the amount of money they spend while on the site.

Casino online bonus is one of the best marketing tools that is widely utilised by online casino sites. It’s also the most popular among the players because they are frequently awarded by the sites they play from. We had a session with our seasoned online gamer Alexandra Nereng, whose profile you can check here.

What are the common types of casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses exist in various forms. Below are the common ones that both new and existing players are eligible for:

Loyalty Bonus

The period you have stayed in the casino site and your play frequency will determine how the casino sites reward you. Examples of loyalty bonuses include free spins, free play, real money, and real money based on your loyalty to the site.


Sometimes, you will place a bet and lose the whole stake. If that happens, you don’t need to worry because most sites give their users a fixed amount as a refund for their losses. It’s a percentage of your losses or a fixed rate as a deposit into your account.

No deposit bonus

Even though other casinos require the users to make their first deposit to qualify for a bonus, others give their users a bonus without such conditions. No deposit bonus casinos need the users to register to claim their bonus, unlike conditions put by other sites.

Match bonus

The match bonus matches your first deposit with a fixed percentage and adds it to your account’s balance.

Above are some of the popular bonuses you will find when you join the Norwegian casino sites. It is important to check reviews from experts such as odds sider as there are cons out there who never allow you to use such bonuses.

How to utilise the casino bonus

Always check on the bonus terms and wagering requirements

Most casino players from Norway get excited when they realise they have a bonus in their account. But, they forget to check on the wagering requirements of the bonus they have been given.

First, review the wagering requirements. The casino sites always require that a certain number of times before it is withdrawable. Always check on a bonus with the lowest wagering requirement before opting in.

Play low to medium variance slots

Low or medium variance slots will give you a better chance of cashing out mobile casino bonuses. Even though the strategy will not allow you to make high wins, you will have a better chance of using the bonus the best way before it zeroes out.

Keep track of your progress

Some players play with their bonus, but they forget to check on how they are progressing. Checking on your progress with the bonus will allow you to know when to stop and cash out. Fortunately, most casinos allow their players to stop and monitor their progress.

Check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount

Once you join a site and make your first deposit, check the bonus percentage and the maximum bonus amount. Some Norwegian casinos always match the first deposit by about 100%, while others up to 150%. Considering the two will give you the best idea of the optimal deposit amount.

Don’t abuse the bonuses

Some players like using the online casino free bonus exhaustively and the casino sites do not like that. That’s why they have a regulation that requires the players not to exceed the maximum amount while staking. That allows the casinos also to make a profit.

Spending time playing Norwegian online games has been one of the best approaches during the social isolation season. The above steps are vital in winning the most when playing using the casino sites’ bonus. Select those tips that apply to your case and enjoy your time in an online casino.