Could you Earn a Living Building Custom PCs?

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28 Apr 21

Could you Earn a Living Building Custom PCs?

Have you been a DIY computer-maker for a while? Maybe you’ve been a hobbyist and you’re trying to decide what the next steps are?

If you have a passion for creating your own and think that you’d like to try your hand at building from scratch as your career, you’ll find that it’s an achievable goal. Here’s a look at how tinkering with your own computers can become a new money making prospect for you.

Custom PC vs ready-built PC

Pre-built computers do have their plus points. These are complete systems that are made by well-known names. In fact, this is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, with the turnover in the computer market at 304.5 billion US dollars in 2016. This number is expected to reach $318.3 billion by 2021.

But, while it can be easy to purchase a ready-made computer, custom-made PCs have their advantages over these pre-built versions. First, custom versions tend to cost less. This is a major consideration for customers and it’s one that makes these tailored computers have the edge.

The reason why custom PCs are more cost-effective lies in business costs. Pre-built computer manufacturers need to cover the cost of mass assembly and testing of computers. To balance out these costs, the price of the product must be higher than its manufacturing costs so that it can be profitable. Assembling a computer removes this part of the cost. So, a custom-made computer with the same hardware and made to the same spec will be cheaper, even if a genuine copy of Windows is included.

Another reason why custom computers have the advantage is that they can be made to meet the requirements of the customer. Each component is ordered to suit that particular PC, and the customer can choose between functions that come in at a range of price points, investing their money in a way that suits their exact needs.

Who uses custom PCs? 

While custom PCs can be built to cater for anyone, the main market is those who enjoy gaming, coding, and editing music and video. The major reason for this is likely down to these tailor-made creations being bespoke for the user. Having someone else build it allows the user to hand-pick the features they’re looking for and the components they need.

Knowing that these are the reasons why your customers are likely to be searching for a custom-built PC is useful as you know to expect requests for certain parts and integrations.

What to consider before setting up a custom PC business

Taking your hobby to the next level is, in many ways, going to be a relatively smooth process for you. This is largely because you already have the expertise and drive to put in the time and build something special.

However, there are some things to think about. For instance, now that you’re going to be building these PCs for a customer base, you may need to enhance your toolkit. Whereas once you might have tinkered on the spare table in the garage using an old screwdriver, you now need to think about having a dedicated workspace filled with full screwdriver sets, along with silicone work mats, and magnets so you can retrieve any misplaced screws.

As well as having a decent toolkit, you’ll also need to make sure the demand is there. consider how you want to market your custom PC business. You might want to set up a website showcasing work you’ve already completed, talk about your builds on social media, and produce leaflets that you can distribute in your area. It might even be worth setting up a YouTube channel where you can talk through your builds on camera.

If you feel confident that you can take your tinkering to the next level, why not make a start today?