Which Star Wars Planet Would Be The Best Place To Live?

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21 May 21

Which Star Wars Planet Would Be The Best Place To Live?


Coruscant was a city planet, with its entire surface covered by a giant metropolis. It is home to the Jedi Council, and the political centre of the galaxy.

The Expert: “If you like city life, you’re going to get 24/7 city life. We know there are plenty of bars and clubs there. There’s urban culture as well – a kind of East End vibe when you go down a few levels, a kind of Brick Lane setting down there,” says Hudson. “On the other side of it, though, it’s a massive city, which isn’t for everybody. There doesn’t seem to be any way to chill out. Everything is on the go the whole time. There’s also a clear class system. There are over 1000 levels to this city, and the further down you go, it’s like descending into Hell… So if you’re rich, you’re in luck. If you’re not, and you’re just the common everyday worker, it’s not the best place to reside.” Hudson Rating: 6/10

Our Thoughts: Personally, we’re okay with city life. Plenty to do and see and lots of entertainment! However, if you’re talking about Coruscant post-Return Of The Jedi things are not so pleasant in the once-great capital of the Republic. Criminal gangs took over, fighting over the lucrative entertainment industry, and lawlessness was everywhere, even in the upper levels of the city. Sadly the crown jewel of the Republic has really lost its shine. Geektown Rating: 4/10


Bespin was a gas giant, uninhabitable aside from the Cloud City that towers above the planet’s surface.

The Expert: “Bespin is a massive ball of gas, basically. Cloud City is the hospitable area at the top, and it’s all very white, very clinical. The whole thing is sterile. It’s well run by Lando Calrissian, the administrator, and it seems like a decent quality of life, but it doesn’t look particularly lively. There’s not an awful lot there, so if you want to go to the pub or a bar or club – I didn’t see any. Everybody keeps to themselves and looks like they just live to work. So it wouldn’t be the most exciting place to live, I’d call it more of a retirement home.” Hudson Rating: 7/10

Our Thoughts: Well, I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Lando Calrissian? Not a whole lot to do though, as it is basically a mining colony. There are a couple of other options around Bespin, although neither of those are that great. Chinook Station, which is basically a fuel depot, and Ugnorgrad, a city run by the Ugnaughts. So Cloud City is still the best choice if you want to hide away from the galaxy. Geektown Rating: 6/10.


A forest planet which is home to the Ewoks, Endor was the scene of the final battle in Return of the Jedi.

MH: “If you love a bit of nature, you’re living the dream.

The Expert: “You can get plenty of exercise, I’d imagine there’s nature trails, a lot of climbing, a lot of running through the forest. And there’s the notoriety of being the planet that the second Death Star blew up over. At the same time, there’s nothing of any real value there for the bad guys to come and try to take over the planet. There’s nothing there apart from trees and Ewoks, so I think it’s a safe place to live. The major con is those Ewoks. They will murder you in cold blood. They’re vicious little things. They were going to burn Han Solo and Luke Skywalker alive on the spit until C-3PO called it off. It was burn first, ask questions later.” Hudson Rating: 8/10

Our Thoughts: If you like spectacular scenery, this is the spot for you. Two suns, 1,000 metre high trees, dense woodlands, huge mountains and vast savannahs. It really is a nature-lovers dream. Yes, the Ewoks can be murderous little teddy bears, but they’re SO adorable to look at and can be quite friendly, so long as you get the right introduction. You do need to watch out for the Duloks, an aggressive sentient species who live in the swamp regions. You could also try befriending the Yuzzum, yet another sentient species which share the moon. Overall, not a bad place to settle. Geektown Rating:  9/10.


The Rebel Alliance made Hoth – a planet covered by snow and ice – their headquarters in The Empire Strikes Back.

The Expert: “What is there to say about Hoth? What a beautiful place to go skiing! Also, if you’re a scientist, Hoth’s caves are brimming with possibilities, with different species and bugs and bacteria. But I’m not a scientist. It’s an ice planet, it’s cold. The only place to live is a cave, and the wampas, like the one that attacked Luke Skywalker, are the apex predator, so you’re already second on the food chain. I see no reason why you’d ever want to live on Hoth.” Hudson Rating: 1/10

Our Thoughts: It’s freezing cold and practically every creature native to the planet, from the wampas to the giant ice worms, want to kill you. The only thing that doesn’t are the Tauntauns, and that smell bad, both inside and out… Avoid. Geektown Rating:  0/10.


Featuring heavily in the prequel trilogy, Naboo was the home of Queen Amidala, as well as Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans.

The Expert: “Naboo is a planet of culture. There’s beautiful scenery. They’ve got the countryside, the meadows, the lakes, the waterfalls, the animals. The Queen is lovely, [the monarchy] seem to love their citizens. Everything just seems chill in Naboo. I think the Gungans would be alright, they add a bit of flavour and give that cosmopolitan, diverse feel. The downside is that it looks like a pint would be quite overpriced in Naboo. You’re not getting away with anything under a fiver. Also, it’s the home planet of Emperor Palpatine himself, so a few people might give it a scornful look now because it was the birthplace of the most evil man in the galaxy. But I think the look and vibe of the place completely overshadow that. I give it full marks.” Hudson Rating: 10/10

Our Thoughts: We have to agree with the expert here. Back in the days when the ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ video game was a thing, Naboo was where our group ended up settling. Culture, scenery, diversity, and the Gungans know how to party! Really is everything you could want from a homestead. Geektown Rating:  10/10.


A sparse desert planet with two suns, Tatooine was most famously the homeworld of Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

The Expert: “I think this is the Star Wars planet. If you’re on Tatooine it’s a hard life, but immensely satisfying. It’s almost like a farmer’s life. At the end of it you reap what you sow, and if you really work hard you can make a decent life there. The cantinas get a bit rowdy. The locals might kill you just for looking at them the wrong way. And there’s two suns, which could be a blessing and a curse. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, [Obi-Wan Kenobi] was Ewan McGregor, a hunky man. He’s a beefcake. By the time we get to A New Hope it’s Sir Alec Guinness. He’s aged terribly in those 18 or 19 years. So you have to have tough skin, both literally and figuratively, to withstand the weather and also the locals. But if you can get your head down and work hard it’s an honest living and I’m not one to knock that.” Hudson Rating: 5/10

Our Thoughts: So, yes… Tatooine is not a place to be if you hate sand, as Anakin will attest… However, it does have a thriving nightlife and is a great place to find some interesting (if not exactly legal) items. If you’re prepared to deal with the various “hives of scum and villainy”, and can avoid getting in trouble with the Hutts, not get yourself thrown into a Sarlacc Pit, or eaten by a Sand Worm… or Krayt Dragon… then go for it! Not the easiest life, but could be quite exciting! Geektown Rating:  7/10.


Home of Princess Leia and the Organa family, Alderaan was a land of immense beauty until it was destroyed by the Death Star.

MH: “Alderaan was seen as the most beautiful, desirable planet in the galaxy. The people were the most hospitable, generous, kind people there are. Like Naboo, it was known for rolling hills, mountains, waterfalls. It’s the sort of place that everybody would want to live. It’s like New Zealand with sci-fi buildings, which to me is perfection. However, it did get blown up. It was a target for the Empire because as it was the most desirable planet in the galaxy, it was also the most desirable to send a message. One of its figureheads, Bale Organa, was one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance. So pre-explosion it’s full marks, but once the Empire gets wind that it’s the unofficial home of the Rebel Alliance, you’ve got no hope.” Hudson Rating: 10/10 (pre-explosion), 0/10 (post-explosion).

Our Thoughts: In its prime, Alderaan was absolutely where you wanted to be. Right now… not much use unless you want some rocks to make gravel for a driveway… Geektown Rating:  0/10.


Mustafar – comprised almost entirely of lava – was the planet where Darth Vader was struck down by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Expert: “In Revenge of the Sith, Mustafar was a lava planet. It was a molten hellscape. In Rogue One, it didn’t look quite as bad. It was more black, rocky terrain with lava rivers, which, again, isn’t great. If you want to be pedantic, it’s nice and hot, and you’d have the place to yourself. There’s no one there apart from droid workers. But Darth Vader’s castle’s there, and if he’s there as well, you’re dead. And the heat will kill you. You’ve got more chance of surviving for longer on Hoth than Mustafar, I think.” Hudson Rating: 0/10

Our Thoughts: The opposite problem to Hoth temperature-wise. Not only will the heat kill you, so will pretty much every creature that lives there (somewhat like Australia, without the culture, friendly locals and beaches). Geektown Rating:  0/10.


The remote swamp planet of Dagobah was where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force.

The Expert: “Dagobah’s a remote planet and there’s not an awful lot of places to live, but Yoda made a hut, so if he could make a home, I’m sure I could as well. There’s a decent amount of species that you could cook up if you get hungry. Yoda survived there for long enough and he’s not exactly the biggest fella. To me it’d be like going to the Amazon – you know the risks when you go there. Would you live in the Amazon? No, but I’d certainly visit. On the other hand, it is strong with the dark side of the Force, so you may become corrupted. Or you could get eaten by a big water dragon. Plus there are snakes everywhere. There’s not an awful lot wrong with it, but not an awful lot right with it either.” Hudson Rating: 6/10

Our Thoughts: If you want to do some force training, Dagobah is a great place to visit as one of the purest places in the galaxy attuned with the Force. It does have a native sentient species called the Tash… Not a whole lot is known about them, other than they use herbs for a drink called the Dagobah Slug Slinger. Might be worth a visit, but we’re not convinced it’s somewhere you’d want to settle. Geektown Rating:  5/10.


Most notably the home of the Wookiee species, Kashyyyk is a jungle planet covered in giant trees.

The Expert: “It looks lovely. There are plenty of beaches to relax on if you want a bit of peace and quiet by the sea. If you want a bit of alternative culture, the Wookiees are there. They’re also strong craftsmen and carpenters, so if you have good relations with the Wookiees you’re going to have decent lodgings. If you can get on the Wookiees’ good side, I think Kashyyyk could be pretty cool to live on. If you get on their bad side, you’ve got an entire planet of 8ft tall, hairy wrecking machines that will tear you to pieces. There’s also a lot of strange species – massive spiders and huge slugs, but overall I think the pros outweigh the cons.” Hudson Rating: 7/10

Our Thoughts: Lots of forests, some lovely beaches, and the Wookiees are lovely (so long as you don’t upset them… then they may rip your arms off). Yes, there are a whole range of local fauna which may try to eat you, but befriend a Wookiee to show you the ropes, and help you build a homestead, and it could be a lovely place to live. Geektown Rating:  8/10.

Final Verdict

With Alderaan now a pile of rocks floating in space, the winner really has to be Naboo. Beautiful countryside, stunning architecture, and some kick-ass underwater partying with the Gungans. Now we just need to figure out how to get to a galaxy far, far, away…

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