‘Titans’ Season 3: HBO Max Releases First Little Teaser Trailer

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17 Jun 21

HBO Max has released our first little look at Titans Season 3, along with announcing an August US premiere date (no word yet on when Netflix will air it in the UK). It also shows a very interesting Jason Todd scene…

‘Titans’ follows Dick Grayson, aka the former Robin (Brenton Thwaites), who emerges from the shadows as Nightwing to lead a band of heroes – including Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Teagan Croft), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and others. The story follows this group of young heroes as they come of age and find belonging.

Season 3 has our heroes heading to Gotham City and will see them reunite with old friends and face new threats…We know one of those new threats due to the previously announced casting, as ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Angel’ star Vincent Kartheiser takes the role Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, in this iteration, an Arkham Asylum inmate who offers his services as a profiler and consultant for the GCPD.

We also know a few of the other new and returning characters, with Savannah Welch (The Tree of Life’, ‘Boyhood’) playing Barbara Gordon, who is Gotham’s police commissioner, and Jay Lycurgo (‘I May Destroy You’, ‘Doctors’) taking the role of Robin #3, Tim Drake. Season 3 will also see Joshua Orpin return as Connor/Superboy, Conor Leslie as Donna Troy/Wondergirl, Joshua Orpin as Conner Kent/Superboy, Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall/Hawk and Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger/Dove, along with Damaris Lewis returning as Starfire’s sister, Blackfire.

However, it’s Curran Walters’ return as Jason Todd which is most intriguing from the trailer… We see Jason, still in his Robin outfit, enter what looks to be Gotham’s Amusement Mile. He spots a security guard who is tied to a post, who, based on the warped “smile” on his face, has seemly has become victim to Gotham’s most infamous villain, the Joker. We then hear some sort of mechanical laugh, followed by some shots of our heroes, as Dick explains “This is Gotham, The city breeds a special class of criminal. People die here. People like us…” This montage includes a long-distance silhouetted shot of someone beating someone on the floor with a crowbar…

Now, for those of you that know your Robin history, you’ll know this was the fate of Jason Todd in the comic books (albeit in a slightly different context) with Joker beating Jason to death with a crowbar. He was later revived by a Lazarus pit, and returned to Gotham as vigilante/villain Red Hood, somewhat pissed at Batman for the fact that, even when Joker beat his sidekick to death, Batman still let the Clown Prince Of Crime live.

From previous announcements (and confirmed in the trailer) we already knew Jason was transitioning to his Red Hood persona this season. However, it wasn’t clear if they would use the Joker storyline, or go a different route. This seems to imply that Jason is set to meet his pre-defined destiny with a crowbar, although that could also be some sort of fake-out for the trailer. We’ll have to wait and see.

Titans‘ Season 3 is set to premiere Thursday, August 12, 2021 on HBO Max in the USA. It will then drop as a box set at some point after that on Netflix in the UK. We don’t know exactly when, but the last two seasons have landed in January, so January 2022 seems likely, although it could be earlier. If you want to keep track of this show you can add it via our Never Miss system, and you’ll be notified when it gets a UK premiere date.