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New WoW and Willis T-Shirts!

I very rarely pimp other bits of our own site, but few new tshirts in for the run up to Christmas at the GeekTown Shop […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Win a limited deluxe edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Children of Húrin!

The Children of Húrin Deluxe Limited Edition
The nice people at, the official J.R.R. Tolkien Bookstore have just relaunched their site, and to celebrate they’ve […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Three-Legged Santa Race!

Last year’s race… i’m on the right.

Once again, i’ve been roped into the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter’s Charity Three Legged Santa Race… We’re running for BBC’s […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Demo of Microsoft’s Surface Technology

It’s not often we pimp Microsoft stuff on this site, but they are doing some pretty cool stuff with their tabletop surface technology. Thought this […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

New Star Trek Photos!

A whole bunch of new images from JJ Abrams’ Star Trek have emerged onto the interwebs this morning!

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise looking awesome […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

REVIEW: Earbud headphones that actually stay in the ear!

I got a big parcel through the post last week. Not having ordered anything, i was kinda curious as to what it was, only […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Wake up to Bacon!

I picked this up from Scott Johnson’s Extralife blog, but i thought it deserved reposting here due to it’s awesomeness… An alarm clock that wakes […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Age of Conan : Hyborian Adventures – The Geektown Review

It’s been a while in writing, but we’ve finally got round to putting together the review for Age of Conan : Hyborian Adventures… The game […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

WALL-E Movie Review

Well, yesterday I rushed to the cinema to see the highly anticipated Wall-E, Pixars latest movie, starring the cutest robot since Johnny 5.  Once again […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Knight Rider Sat Nav… With KITT’s Voice!!

KITT voiced GPS unit
dual LED scanner lights like KITT’s dashboard
start-up message that says “Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?”

Not much more to […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Microsofts IE Team Help Firefox Celebrate Firefox 3 Release

Firefox 3 was officially released today by the Mozilla folk, and to help celebrate the occasion, the IE devs over at Microsoft sent Mozilla a […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Keyboard Trousers!

Well this has to been on of the geekiest inventions I’ve found recently! Designer Erik De Nijs has created trousers that double as a keyboard!.. […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

missFlag’s Cover of Portal’s ‘Still Alive’

Spotted this on Scott Johnson’s MyExtraLife blog (great comics and podcasts, I don’t know where he finds the time!) . Thought it was worth […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Stargate SG:1 Master Replicas Watch!

As you might have noticed, the nice people at Forbidden Planet have been helping sponsor the site a bit over the last month, however, when […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

I Can Has Marriage?

Yeh, I know, i’m a day late for a Valentines Day post, but i thought this was a good enough mix of geeky and sweet […]

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