MCM Birmingham Comic Con November 2017 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Comic Books!

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20 Nov 17
MCM Birmingham Comic Con - November 2017 Round Up

MCM Birmingham Comic Con – November 2017 Round-Up

Once again, we come to the final MCM Comic Con of the year, and, as always, it sees cosplayers and guests from across the country descend on the NEC in Birmingham for a weekend of fun and geekiness!

There was an interesting new layout for the show this time. It was still split over two giant interconnecting halls, but they had also cordoned off a section of the walkway area, which gave ample space for people to hang out and take photos, without having to have their wristbands checked every time. This made getting from one end of the show to the other much easier too, as you could pop out into the walkway rather than having to guide your way through all the stalls when the main halls were busy.

The Guests

The guests for this November Con where a good mix of the usual suspects and first-timers for MCM. The biggest name there was the legendary Anthony Daniels, aka Star Wars’ C-3PO, who was happily chatting with fans and signing autographs. He didn’t do a panel or press at this event, which is somewhat understandable, given the number of restrictions he must be under regarding the release of ‘The Last Jedi’. His fellow Star Wars castmate, and MCM regular, Warwick Davis was there talking about his work in that franchise, along with Harry Potter, Willow, and his new Eugenius! the musical, which comes to the West End next year.

On the tv side of things, the big guest was Pearl Mackie, aka Doctor Who companion Bill Potts, who did a lengthy panel, which you can see below. There was an entertaining moment (which is edited out of the video below) when a young girl “invaded” the stage to tell us all about her videos and Facebook page, before being removed by her rather embarrassed father. Pearl handled it wonderfully though.

Other guests this weekend included star of Game Of Thrones and the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, David Bradley, the inimitable Mr Keith Allen, Pokemon & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles voice actor Veronica Taylor, and Denise Crosby, aka Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Tasha Yar / Sela.

Denise came and spoke to us in the press room to chat about her time on the series, working on The Walking Dead, give her thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery, and the possibility of showing up in The Orville.

The Comics

Comic Village was full of amazingly talented artist and writers as usual. There were familiar faces, such as Subversive Comics, creators of the excellent Bearlands, and Metal Made Flesh, and Super Robot MAYHEM, and TPub, the people behind Twisted Dark, Tabatha, and their new book Theatrics. However, I also found a few new and interesting books to check out.

Deadbeat comes from Jed McPherson & Chris Sheham, and tells the story of Mikey, the titular deadbeat dad. When his estranged daughter, Laurie, gets back in touch after twenty years he thinks he’s got a second chance. But Laurie doesn’t need a dad… she just wants a getaway driver.

I also had a long chat with Jon Laight from Level 8 Comics, who has a number of books out at the moment. Brethren Born is an epic superhero/sci-fi tale spanning multiple time periods, written by Jon and beautifully illustrated in full colour by Phillip Knibs. They also have Late Knights, a lovely book aimed at a family audience, about a team of crimefighting Knights protecting the world from evil!

The Cosplay

As ever, cosplay was a massive feature at MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Whilst this might be a smaller event that MCM London, it doesn’t stop the cosplayers going all out with their innovative costume ideas. Personal favourites this weekend were the brilliant Inspector Gadget, and the Christmas variations, such as Christmas Deadpool & Wonder Woman, and Christmas Poison Ivy. I also loved the three girls who teamed up as the Toy Story Aliens, and, of course, nobody expects to see a Monty Python Spanish Inquisition cosplay!

In addition to general cosplay photos, I had a tinker around with some of the shots, replacing the backgrounds with ones more appropriate for their outfits, which I think turned out quite well! If you are in any of the photos, thank you for posing, and if you want the super high res version of the picture, just message me via the contact page, and I’ll email it over.