Which Pieces Of Geek Memorabilia Have Reached Crazy Prices?

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13 Nov 18
Which Pieces Of Geek Memorabilia Have Reached Crazy Prices?

Which Pieces Of Geek Memorabilia Have Reached Crazy Prices?

Most of us will have the stray Star Wars figure kicking around in our attic, but some geeks have gone the extra mile in accumulating a vast horde of nerd memorabilia that could cause some serious jealousy. But what’s even more impressive is the fact that certain kinds of geek memorabilia has been commanding some seriously impressive prices.

So just to let you know how long you need to hang onto those Game of Thrones figurines, we thought that we should show you some of the examples of geek merch that are now selling for some significant amounts of cash.

Everybody knows that Star Trek is one of the most nerd-centric franchises. So if you are looking to treat that Trekkie in your life to something a little extra, think about bidding for Mr Spock’s tunic that was worn in the second Star Trek series for a not insignificant $114,000. Even if you can’t afford that, then how about Captain Kirk’s phaser that was used in the Wrath of Khan movie for a more modest $57,500 asking price? And with even some Star Trek comic books from the Gold Key era now fetching ridiculous sums, it shows that being a geek is a pretty expensive occupation.

Thankfully, there’s the ever-reliable Star Wars on hand to give us a slightly more cost-effective gateway to nerd nirvana. With a 1977 original Darth Vader figure (with that all-important double telescopic light sabre) being a more modest $2,000, it seems that this classic sci-fi is a little more democratic in its memorabilia. Even if you’re a bit short of cash, then why not shame yourself with a Jar Jar Binks figure in its original box for a very cost-effective £0.99?

“We went to www.asktraders.com to see what they thought could be one of the fastest growing and most potentially lucrative markets for 21st-century geek memorabilia. It’s little surprise to find that George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones franchise could work out to being a particularly good investment if you are into nerd-friendly memorabilia.”

There’s been all manner of flashy Game of Thrones-related products released over the past few years. From the Montegrappa Game of Thrones fountain pens that are worth $350 each, to the Loras Tyrell collectable helmets at €369, it seems that there are plenty of intriguing products to snap up.

Game of Thrones’ parent company has clearly realised that there’s plenty of hunger for expensive fantasy merchandise out there, as they have created some very glamorous Westeros-themed jewellery. If you can’t afford that €3,000 Mother of Dragons chain worn by Daenerys Targaryen in season seven, then perhaps think about cutting costs and getting her dragon choker from season six, a snip at €1,620. And for the Game of Thrones fan who wants to take things step further, how about one of Faden Design’s Cersei Lannister Lion Gown replicas that would only set you back a mere $6,725.