Popular Apps Around the World

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07 Jun 17
Popular Apps Around the World

Popular Apps Around the World

One of the fastest moving technologies in the world are apps. There’s an app for everything and people are coming up with new ideas and upgrades all the time. What apps are fashionable can depend on your location, with different countries having their favourites.

The most popular app in the UK today is Fidget Spinner, with the Britain’s Got Talent app close behind. Fidget spinners have become a huge fad in recent months, so naturally, people are downloading the related app in droves. The simple application allows you to spin your virtual spinner and try to get it to gyrate for as long as possible, as you attempt to beat your own score as well as others’ results. This can be a replacement for the real things if you’re having trouble finding them or you can download it if you’re unsure about the craze and what to see what it’s about.

In New Zealand, they’re partial to some poker, or pokies as they call it, action with Lucky Nugget Casino provides a popular browser and mobile game. Their casino app has online pokies in a wide variety of types, so you can always have something different to try, whether it’s something more traditional, or a slot based on a movie franchise such as Jurassic Park. You can play these games wherever and whenever, so a real life jackpot could just be one app download away.

Nearby in Australia, the most popular paid app is the Scanner App by Photomyne. The app gives you an easy way to scan photos onto your phone, allowing you to copy pictures on the go. It’s a favourite because of the ability to scan multiple photos at once and edit them with ease. There is, of course, a share function, so you can easily showcase what you’ve scanned with friends and family on social media.

Japan is one of the most high-tech countries in the world, so unsurprisingly, they’re hugely into their smartphone apps. Games are the topping the popularity chart, with most of the top apps being some sort of game, whether made for the smartphone or is a port of a classic. Pokémon is popular all around the world, which was only reinforced with the launch of Pokémon Go last year. The new app from The Pokémon Company is Magikarp Jump and now it’s number one. The game sees the player train their fish Pokémon, Magikarp, in order for it to leap as high as possible. It’s a simple game but has the whole world, especially Japan, hooked.

Across the pond in the USA, they love the staple apps such as Youtube, Instagram. Snapchat, etc. As of the start of June though, they are downloading Balls vs Blocks. It’s a straightforward game that’s highly addictive, in which you have to chain balls together so you have enough to break the blocks that impede your way, but if you collide with too strong of a block, it’s game over. It’s fast and fun, and one of the world’s top apps.