UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: E4

Latest/Next UK Season: 11

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: 20 April 2016 at 10:00pm

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

More fun to come with the Winchester boys, thanks to E4.

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 5Β – Living TV – 10th FebruaryΒ 2010 at 9pm

Season 6 – Sky Living –Β 8th June 2011 at 10pm

Season 7 – Sky Living –Β 1st August 2012 at 10pm

Season 8 – Sky Living – 3 July 2013 at 10 & 11pm

Season 9 – E4 – 6th January 2015 at 10pm

Season 10 – E4 – 14th October 2015 at 10pm


Next Season: 12



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193 Responses to “Supernatural”

  1. Michy says:

    This has made my night reading that supernatural is back on. I’ve watched this for years and never get bored of it. A great bit of escapism – and the Winchesters aren’t too bad to look at either

  2. Vicky says:

    Seeing this has made me happy

  3. Red Dog says:

    OMG, OMG – BEST NEWS EVER – S11 starts on E4, 20 April. Thank god for E4

  4. Jamie says:

    Ive just noticed that pick are showing season 7 at midnight, Im guessing sky kept the rights for earlier seasons and that’s why E4 have only shown season 9 and 10

  5. Red Dog says:

    OMG!!! Fab news about S10 on E4 (Wed 14 Oct). Really do hope E4 sticks with this show and broadcasts S11 asap.

  6. Anne Brindle says:

    Supernatural is absolutely the best tv show ever made in the entirety of tv history. Thank you so much E4 for bringing season nine to the uk. Please show season ten soon. Season eleven airs in the us on October 7th so we’re already way behind them. Please keep showing this amazing programme which just gets better and better each season. Anyone who’s never watched it truly doesn’t know what they’re missing. Step Into the world of Sam and Dean Winchester and you’ll never want to leave. ? xxxx

  7. Victoria says:

    Having seen season 10 already ( due to sky cancellation looked else where!) i can confirm you are in for a treat. Shame E4 are a year behind the states but at least they are showing it . Lets hope they show season 11 at a reasonable time not in the early hours of the morning again ,although i am grateful they are at least showing it . Well done E4

  8. SPN FAN says:

    I’m getting confused why would S10 start in the UK when S11 is starting in the U.S.!?

  9. Lindsay says:

    So basically we’re no better off with E4 than we were with Living – we’re still going to be a YEAR behind America, assuming that they do start airing S10 around the same time as S11 starts. Wonderful. It’s like they *want* people to watch the show by, um, other means.

  10. Red Dog says:

    Really disappointed by C4 – they will start showing S9 on Sat 20 June @ 1.25am, YES, at 1.25am. Find this really unfair way to treat a show they have just purchased. Ok S10 will be on E4 later in the year but C4 is missing an opportunity to attract more viewers into watching this show. My concern though is I hope the viewing figures for S9 have been good enough on E4 for them to seriously consider purchasing S11.

    • Nicky says:

      The 1.25am showings are repeats and I think this is so that episodes will be edited less than the original showing times; the original showing times were also in prime time after one of their main draws so it’s not really going to improve it’s audience.

      • Red Dog says:


        Thanks for info.

        Obviously I, like many other UK fans just want some assurance (if possible) this show will continue to be broadcast in the UK and was thinking ratings will probably be taken into consideration if E4 were to acquire the “rights” to broadcast S11 (and beyond)

  11. amy says:

    Just seen last episode of season 9 and looking forward to seeing next one later in the year please don’t lose it e4 like it did on itv2 and Living

  12. Littlevic says:

    Hooray! Well done E4!

  13. David Briggs says:

    Great news that E4 are showing season 10 later this year.

  14. David Briggs says:

    Hoping season 10 will soon be on UK TV. Big fan. Check daily to see if any news. Hoping E4 don’t do a Sky Living and cancel the show.

  15. Rachel says:

    Anybody know when season 10 is going to be aired? By E4?? It’s obviously available it seems logical they would just continue on from season 9 straight away?

  16. Shannon says:

    Hi, do you know if E4 plans air season 10 and if so when?

  17. Emily Mulvey says:

    i mean june 8th

  18. noel o'byrne says:

    brilliant to see supernatural back on our tv the best show on tv.lets hope e4 take on season 10 aswell.well done to all at e4 to bring it back to its loyal fans

  19. Doreen says:

    Woohoo the best programme on tv is back, well dun E4
    can,t wait to see castiel again,
    roll on season 10,

  20. Michelle says:

    January is a rubbish month but seeing the advert if my boys making a return next wk is the best news ever!! I screamed so loud I think I woke the neighbours!! ????????????

  21. Mick says:

    Awesome news that the boys are back on UK tv. My 2 son’s and myself have watched from the1st episode and have all 8 season’s on dvd,we were all gutted when it was dropped by sky. Roll on the 6th of January.

  22. kazleahy says:

    So happy right now. Just saw an ad for season 9 supernatural on E4. Fair play E4. Was so disappointed when sky dropped it and then couldn’t even get it on dvd til next year. Made my Christmas. Carry on my wayward son. πŸ˜€ ?

  23. mags says:

    Omg series 9 is soooooo good, your all in for a treat. I can not wait for series 10 ????

  24. Mark merifield says:

    That’s made my Christmas That is fantastic news A big thank you to E4 Thank you So much

  25. Michelle Embleton says:

    GET IN I’m sooooo glad supernatural is coming back to UK TV thanks e4 brilliant love you guys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  26. Miich says:

    Whoopeee – just made my Xmas hearing this news – I thought I was dreaming when I saw the trailer

    Three cheers for E4 and massive booo’s to Sky Living

  27. chaz says:

    Thank god for E4 my new best channel

  28. Rain says:

    That explains why the DVD release date has been delayed by a whole year! Well done to E4 shocking that sky would drop at season 9! I have been having serious Sam and dean withdrawals…!

  29. Frankie says:

    Phew. Thank the arc angels the boys are back. If this is the last season I need closure. Just hate it when I’m left wondering.

  30. Red Dog says:

    I thought this was a joke at first but so glad to hear E4 has rescued SPN fans from purgatory. Obviously I do hope E4 will be able to keep this programme as being a freeview channel means a wider audience for this show. Just can’t understand why Sky continues to show a steaming pile of “you know what” most of the time and cancelling shows like this.

  31. matt collett says:

    So happy supernatural season 9 is back on uk tv on E4 such a massive fan can’t wait

  32. Jennifer Druce says:

    What fabulous news that’s just made my christmas, roll on January. At last a channel that listen to the what the general public. Will never understand why sky dropped it in the first place, their loss.

  33. Lyn Miles says:

    At last one of our UK broadcasters has some sense to bring the fantastic Supernatural back to the UK. The cancellation of this show should not have happened in the first place considering the huge following that the show has this side if the pond. Hopefully the Winchesters are back in the UK for good. Mark Sheppard aka Crowley has also tweeted the good news regarding E4’s decision, i think he thought his nation has deserted him!!!


  34. Maggie says:

    So so soooooo happy to find that supernatural will be back on uk tv very soon, its really going to make my new year…..its been away far to long xxx

  35. Pat Day says:

    Just been announced E4 have picked Supernatural up and it is to be shown January 2015, thank goodness

  36. viksters says:

    Mark Sheppard has also announced its coming to E4, hope they pick up the right season!

  37. Kelly says:

    I hope that this is true and isn’t just Misha jerking our chain. I watched it all online and had to buy the DVD in region 1 format, but if E4 does air it i will be watching, we need to give it; its rating, even though many of us as seen it already.

  38. Leah says:

    This is an actual joke. Why is it coming out a year later on DVD? This is why people resort to downloading. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

  39. John Hansard says:

    Sky has worthless rubbish on now, I have a small child and it was only 6pm and they showed some disgusting sexual video clip in the star trek break, they are programming youngsters with sexual imagery at a very young age . Be careful with what you expose your kids to – who knows what they will see when you pop out of the room for a cup of tea.

  40. John Hansard says:

    Best way is pay for it on Ebay and watch it on DVD

  41. Beverley smith says:

    Absolutely disgusted that season 9 will not be shown on uk television. I have watched from the beginning and always look forward to the next series. Supernatural have a huge following here in the United Kingdom. Now I will have to try to get season 9 form amazon.

  42. Alex says:

    I waited and waited for 20th Oct to roll round to order it from Zavvi, Woolworths or anyone that had it in stock and then suddenly it was either listed as ‘unavailable’ or ‘from Oct 2015!! Was devastated. I have a region 2 dvd player, but in desperation ordered a region 1 copy off ebay. TBH I didn’t think it would work and was ready to buy a multi region dvd player if necessary, but it arrived 2 days later, from a U.K. seller, cost less than Β£20 and works fine, absolutely brilliant. Would recommend doing it this way, looks like the only legal way you can see it. SKY show some real rubbish but cancel great shows like SPN. Idjits.

    • Crazy says:

      Just finished watching season 9 region 1 on my region 2 player bought it off ebay with full money back guarantee if it didn’t work and was so glad when it did now just to wait for 10

  43. Marvel7 says:


  44. vic says:

    Tweeted sky living the other day, they said they would not be showing new seasons of supernatural…so looks like any hope for the future on that count is gone….sky can go sing for it I’m going back to Freesat.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Yes, Sky living did drop Supernatural quite some time ago. I’m afraid you won’t find it on Freesat either- dvd or bluray would be the best bet

      • vic says:

        Yeah figured. This is the final straw with sky, just can’t stand the thought of giving them my hard earned anymore! Hence the multi region dvd player I’ve just bought, and trip to NY dvd shopping list….

    • PJ says:

      Sky can’t make up their mind what they are doing Living canx it told us it was not showing any season that was after 12 emails to them asking specific questions about new seasons, repeats and whether they were running out their contract and if they knew of any other interested parties. Eventually they round about admitted they had no rights to new seasons or intentions to air SPN anymore. They then proceeded to lanch Living IT and are now on their 2nd airing in a row of season 7. They are a joke. Out to annoy fandom but viewers have long memories

  45. Red Dog says:


    There is a petition on #SAVESPNintheUK on Twitter going to WB – I know it is pathetic we are having to resort to such methods but the more people who sign this petition the better. So please, please, please log on and add your name.

  46. matt beck says:

    Hi I’ve got the region 1 dvd of supernatural season 9 it works fine but the contrast and lighting looks a bit different is that normal for region 1 DVDs

  47. anne says:

    Am annoyed like the rest of Supernatural fans at Sky living for dropping this. Am a huge huge supernatural fan, have just signed up to Netflix thinking it would be shown on there….but no!! So I ask if I bought the region 1 DVD for season 9, would it be any different if I got the region 2, if nit then I will be ordering r1 NOW, as no idea when r2 is coming out and I’ve waited long enough!!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Content-wise, the R1 might be a little different in the extras, but will still include the same episodes as the R2, R3 and R4

    • PJ says:

      They have bench marked r2 season 9 forward to Oct 2015 which may well just be a place marker. If you can get r1 or view multi region you can buy the s9 DVD direct from Amazon.US for around Β£24 .

  48. says:

    Found out about this online.. trying to raise awareness for the U.K. fans!

  49. Leona Duffus says:

    I am so annoyed, just found that the DVD release date for Season 9 has moved to 26th October 2015..YES 2015. I am so disappointed!! With 5 losing it, Sky taking it over and then dumping it and now DVD release pushed back for an extra year, it will eventually never be released in the UK which will be a shame for the massive fan base in the UK!

    • Red Dog says:

      October 2015!!!! – YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING.

      I came across this programme by accident and got hooked. Bought the DVDs of previous series and now I’m stuck with S8 until next year!!!!!!! I would be grateful if someone can provide an explanation as to why there is now a delay of 12 months for us in the UK

      • Andrew Andrew says:

        See all previous comments on this topic. If you want it sooner you can get the R1 dvd now, or the R4 dvd next month

      • PJ says:

        @SaveSPNintheUK have been trying to get these answers from both Warner Bros and SKY and been trying to encourage new networks to take te show on for 9 months. Holly Ollis on Twitter is the PR for SPN so feel free to politely ask her for info but like Warner Bros she has yet to actually reply to anyone dispite Public Relations being her job title. All we have asked for is communication and some form of explaination. But that appears to be to uch for them.

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          The distributor in America is unlikely to explain why a broadcaster in another country hasn’t bought the rights, no matter how much they are asked, and they certainly won’t divulge non-public information regarding any potential sales until contracts have been signed (or not). When shows are dropped, it’s usually due to low viewership but it’s entirely understandable that these decisions are private and not delivered with the fanfare of new acquisitions.

  50. ann hodnett says:

    WHY! WHY ! WHY! WHY! I could keep going because I really cant understand why they have stopped showing this great show. It was the only show worth watching on Sky Living. so they just lost another customer as well.( im sure Im not the only one either. I don’t have any other way to watch Supernatural, no Netflix ect, because we cant afford it. You have taken away one of my only pleasures in life.

  51. catia says:

    Sky is dead to me! What the hell?!?! You ruined my flipping birthday!!! *sobbing loudly* freaking leviathans DICK ROMANS ALL OVER AGAIN!!! 10 years with sky for absolute horsedung, no point in the full package if they took supernatural off!! Waiting the whole year and now I have to buy the damn DVD

  52. sarah says:

    Hi, is there any new information about when supernatural season 10 will be aired in the UK? Thank you, Sarah

  53. Pamela says:

    Blooming disgusting that we already have to pay for what we love to watch and now have to pay again!!!

  54. scott says:

    sky you are a bunch of useless [edited for foul language]

  55. Louise says:

    It’s out on DVD in UK October 20th, you can pre-order from Woolworths, littlewoods, and zavvi. Amazon do have it listed but it only has the option of signing up to receive notifications of when it’s available, no pre-order option.

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      Okay, thanks Louise. It’s odd Amazon not having a pre-order on it. Least that all seems to confirm 20th Oct is correct though. πŸ™‚


      • Louise says:

        Just read a comment on Amazon from someone who asked in HMV and was told the release has been put back to October 2015!!!!!! It is still available from next Monday according to but has disappeared from all the other websites. Both woolworths and littlewoods just say out of stock. This is getting ridiculous now.

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          It won’t be different dates with different retailers. If the original date was ever official (rather than being a retailer’s guess) then the change *could* suggest a transmission deal in the pipeline, although I’d guess that is more likely to be digital rather than on air.

    • cath says:

      Thank you for making the sun shine on what was a god awful day. I can nowl count the days til I can get my Dean Winchester fix πŸ˜€

  56. debs says:

    I’ve checked time and time again there is no reference to supernatural seasons past or future being shown on netflix

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      That’s probably because it isn’t on UK Netflix… It was on Amazon Prime in the UK, but I think it’s only available to buy now, and not part of the Prime package. It is on Netflix USA, so your best bet is to get a DNS switcher like UnoTelly to access the US site, although I don’t think they have season 9 on there yet either. is listing the DVD as dropping on the 20th of Oct, but Amazon isn’t, so i’m not entirely convinced it’ll appear then. We shall see!


  57. LEXIE says:

    Is there any update on the release date for Season 9 on DVD??

  58. dave says:

    Don’t bother with sky,,,,,, free view. on [deleted]

  59. tracey says:

    Hi do you know if any UK channel has decided to air supernatural yet

  60. Emma says:

    There is no wonder other people have pirated this series, sky have totally lost there marbles at not grabbing this program by both of the winchesters short n curlies. its been getting later each year, and peoples patience have just pushed too far. shame on you sky. πŸ™

  61. Andrew says:

    First ITV then Sky Living who next to drop this brilliant Series, they show drivvle on these channels and keep them going even when they only have one man and his dog watching (and the dog don’t know any better) but great series that gets in millions around the world they drop .. Logic please someone.

    Somebody buy it up please.

  62. Paula says:

    Don’t do this to me Sky! I’ve watched ‘my boys’ in Supernatural from Season 1. How very bloody dare you show hundreds of repeats of inconceivable rubbish then drop one of the best shows ever. I pay a flippin’ fortune for my full Sky package……bring Supernatural back!! Immediately!

  63. scarlett says:

    Is there any news yet if supernatural s9 has been picked up by another UK channel.?

  64. Rhona Denness says:

    Ignore that last comment being a little thick!

  65. Rhona Denness says:

    Sky are ridiculous. I love Supernatural. Is this DVD Region 2 accessible on Virgin Media?

  66. ivor bell says:

    no wonder sky is loosing out they drop one of the best shows on air and give no reasons way to piss off a lot of people go sky dumber than a bag of hammers

  67. nicky says:

    why has sky living decided not to air Supernatural season 9??????? I don’t get it at all. Its a fantastic series 1 of the best & 1 that I have never got bored with after 8 seasons. I used to watch Greys Anatomy & I got bored with that after 3 seasons & yet they still show it!!!! There are so many shows repeated on Living & yet they cant show a new season of something I absolutely love. Shame on you Sky Living!!!!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I’m not sure there’s much in common with Greys Anatomy. Generally when programmes are dropped, reasons aren’t given, but more than likely it’s due to viewership being lower than projected.

      Thank those that stole it online.

  68. keith says:

    No news if anyone has picked up yet

  69. Cora Hall says:

    No sex or bad language in this show so maybe that is why sky dropped it…how on earth do shows like Greys Anatomy keep going

  70. Cora Hall says:

    I am disgusted that Sky are not going to show season 9 of Supernatural…..we have watched this show from the very start…yet they continue to show **** like the …I have been with Sky Tv for 24 years now on the full package but we are now considering dropping the whole bloody lot…

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It’s the channel though- the broadcasting arm, not the satellite platform. The channels are (mostly) available on other pay TV platforms as well.

  71. trace14e says:

    You can watch supernatural season 9 on [edit: not permitted] for free

  72. barbie says:

    I think you should sym

  73. Pam says:

    Not happy love this bring supernatural back

  74. ben says:

    does anyone know how some shows in the uk get dropped by there broadcaster and get released on dvd but some don’t. can someone help?

  75. ben says:

    how do some tv shows get released just on dvd. supernatural is apparently getting released on dvd in October. but what about the tv shows that have been dropped by there broadcaster. that don’t get released on dvd. so how do some get released on dvd.

  76. danielle says:

    I know supernatural not on sky living no more ! πŸ™ I see we can buy season 9 but can we go in a shop and order it ?or do we have to buy it online now??
    I hear (The Cw ) renew it for season 10 will us UK fans have rights to buy that too cos that would be wrong cos UK fans love this show :-)!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Yes, you’ll certainly be able to buy it in any shop that stocks it, but these days online offers more availability. In the UK we will certainly be able to buy season 10 once it is released.

  77. Rachael says:

    Hi, is region two uk region? Looks like I’m gonna have to get the dvd

  78. Daisy may says:

    I’m disappointed supernatural is not being shown in the uk. So I searched the internet to find season 9 and I think, Netflix get watching, has all the episodes and can be streamed through various devices for Β£5.99 a month with the first month being a free trial. Not sure if it works but if no other channel picks it up, may have to be the next best thing.

    • Rachael says:

      I think u will have to change your netflix DNS to USA to get it, it’s not hard, google netflix fixer xx

  79. Cozza says:

    GUTTED Sky Living dropping Supernatural! Why?! Just madness dropping the best TV Show they put on. Hopefully it can go back to ITV2 where it started!

  80. toxic bug says:

    Sky is soo crap! Uk tv viewing spoilt yet again! Paying tv licence for stupid nonsense aired on uk tv. All you get with sky is repeats repeats repeats. Sound familiar anyone?? Sky need to up their game on tv shows not the crappy broadband ads. Can’t believe supernatural not gonna be shown after 8 season’s! Yet its being repeated on living as I speak!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It’s being repeated because they still have the rights.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Sky Living is a pay channel- you pay extra for it on top of your TV licence. Pay TV is voluntary.

      • Nicola Furnell says:

        Exactly we as the general public are paying Sky for the “privilege” of watching these programmes, Supernatural being a show just beginning it’s 10th season – the same amount of seasons the award winning show “Friends” also aired. Is it not your duty to actually listen to what your consumers/paying public would actually like to watch!!! Instead of the countless Sun,Sea & A&E, Nothing to Declare, Nothing to Declare UK etc etc why not show programmes that we enjoy to watch!!
        I look forward to a constructive response.

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          Best to send the enquiry to Sky then, but Friends was a comedy and Supernatural is a drama, and viewership (which is all that matters) was probably higher.

  81. Jonty70 says:

    Watched from season 1 . Got all my friends into this gggrrrrrrrr……. Not happy sky.

  82. nero says:

    I’m gutted. One of my favourite TV shows!
    I hope the DVD is out soon so I can watch it asap!
    Given some of the nonsense that channel shows I’m shocked. It was one of the few shows worth watching on living!
    Maybe one of the ITV channels could pick it back up? Its gotta bee better than showing the same episodes of murder she wrote and heartbeat 4 times a day!
    I hope somewhere else gets it and makes a fortune off of it!

  83. Carol says:

    Pretty stupid of them to drop Supernatural when it has been renewed for a tenth season and yet they are showing Dracula which has been cancelled and also Nikita, which has finished. Also on SKy 1 they are showing Star-crossed and Revolution, both of which have been cancelled.

    They clearly do not want people to watch their channels for a long time if they keep showing shows that end up cancelled and dropping shows that have been renewed!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Dracula, Nikita, Star-Crossed and Revolution all began UK broadcast before they were cancelled in the US, decisions that are completely out of the hands of the UK broadcaster. Take Star-Crossed for example. You point out that it’s annoying that Supernatural is no longer on air, despite continuing to be made in America, so by the same token, Sky showing every possible episode of Star-Crossed and the others is surely a good thing.

  84. annemcassey says:

    Cant believe their dropping it all my friends and family love it [expletive] [repeat x10]

  85. Jules says:

    Supernatural is one of the best shows on TV … I keep checking for UK release and now I find out sky living has dropped it…. Shame on you Sky …

  86. anthony says:

    facebook page added. KEEP SUPERNATURAL ON SKY.
    please show your support…….

  87. Pete says:

    Who cares about Sky living anyway.

    If they’re stupid enough to drop Supernatural then they deserve to lose the advertising revenue associated with the large fan base.

    Hope another non-Sky channel takes the opportunity to show Supernnatural 9 and “rub Sky’s nose in it”.

  88. Michelle says:

    Awww no – I love watching the Winchester Brothers fighting demons. After all these series – and its still worth watching – what a shame
    What is Sky Living thinking of? There are loads of Supernatural fans out there – Sky Living are not listening to what the viewers want. Boooo hissss to them……………

  89. Dan the Actual Man says:

    Looks like it’s back to buying the DVDs…..I can’t believe this rubbish. It’s such a popular show it makes no real sense. Channel 5 done this with once upon a time aswell why is the uk so crap for tv…hopefully virgin will do something or even amazon since they are broadcasting vikings like they are. To wait this [edited for foul language] long then sky does this bunch of [edited]

  90. Emma says:

    Sky living are definitely going out there way to upset fans, I’ve followed this from season 1! Another great series they have ruined for UK viewers……give them a round of applause, not!!

  91. Le says:

    Not impressed hearing this at all I’ve followed Supernatural from season 1 when it ran along side with Prison break another fantastic series,since Itv2 dropped Supernatural it has been a joke the UK has no decent Tv as it is and this is another blow to the loyal fans who have watched it from the start maybe Virgin media could buy it Sky is pants end of greedy company!!!! Hope it gets a decent broadcaster Soon who will see how much we love the Winchesters πŸ™‚

  92. sal says:

    sky living is an awful channel which shows mostly mindress dross, so I suppose it makes sense that it hasn’t renewed Supernatural cos it’s an awesome show, and is just far too good to put on with their usual output of sewerage. Gutted that I’ll have to wait for ages to see it though πŸ™

  93. R says:

    I would love Supernatural back waiting for season 9 only to hear that Sky not buying this year gutted will have to wait and buy DVD instead.

  94. Paula stanesby says:

    Just found out sky living have dropped supernatural why!!!!!!!! One upset and angry fan.

  95. Josh Deakin says:

    Wen is season 9 starting iv watched it from 1st to the 8th n nar I cant wat to see season 9 so can sume 1 plz let me on thank you x

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Pardon? If you are asking about Supernatural season 9, you’ll see above that it doesn’t have a broadcaster and its first appearance is likely to be DVD later in the year.

    • Lisa says:

      SUPERNATURAL SEASON 9 IS NOT COMING ON IN THE UK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UNLESS CHANNEL 5 OR ANOTHER CHANNEL PICKS IT UP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SAD NEWS>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  96. Sam says:

    [link removed – sorry we do not allow links to illegal streaming sites] !!!!!! Season 9 available on this website!!! Watch the divx stage one about 5th or 6th down the list!! Amazing!!!!!!

  97. Lyn Miles says:

    I cannot believe that we will not have Supernatural in the UK. Its a complete shambles the show has been treated like dirt since ITV2 got rid of it after season 4. Living TV had it until they were taken over by Sky and became Sky Living, and if i remember rightly Bones then got moved across from Sky1 and put in Supernatural’s place on Sky Living on Wednesdays at 9.00 p.m. Supernatural then just got later and later in the year and also a later broadcast time as well with double episodes to speed it up. Why do all the good shows go the same way?. If it has been going for 9 seasons then it can’t be that bad. Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds have been going just as long and Sky Living want to keep them.

    Hopefully another channel will give the Winchesters what they deserve which is a rightful place on UK TV.

    • Lisa says:

      And it’s been renewed for a Season 10 . I don’t understand it either it’s to popular another uk must pick it up…. πŸ™

    • Sarah Petty says:

      ITV2 did not get rid of it they got outbid by Living TV as it was back then, for the rigth it was a money game. It happens with lots of shows when they realise that serious money can be made out of the adverts rights between the programme. Same happened with 24 The simpsons and the like.

  98. Julie davies says:

    Nooooo!! I love Supernatural, will they release series 9 on DVD in Uk?

  99. Dan Pearce says:

    Hhmmmm…maybe time to cancel my Sky subscription and just catch the tv shows on Netflix/Amazon as I’m getting cheesed off with tv companies in Uk just dropping shows when there well into their seasons. I’m almost at the point of not watching a new seies as they seemed to get canned before they have a chance to get going.

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      If you don’t mind waiting longer, it’s an increasingly popular view. However, it depends what you like and Sky’s original programming mostly would require a pay-TV subscription (doesn’t have to be satellite though), and there’s the HBO stuff on Atlantic which, I don’t think, goes to the streaming services. (I wait almost a year for the Game of Thrones BluRay)

    • Dave Elliott Dave says:

      To be fair, a Β£10 NOW TV box on a Β£5 a month subscription will cover off a lot of Sky’s content at a fraction of the price. That along with a Netflix and/or Amazon sub, and you’ve got most things covered.


  100. James says:

    it’s like Sky Living don’t even understand that people watch their channel for things other than ‘America’s Next Top Model’

    messed about Bones, dropped Teen Wolf, now dropped Supernatural again JUST as it got interesting after the S8 finale -hopefully Netflix will step in and grab it -they had S1-7 i think at some point

  101. Mel says:

    So sky living have Announce they are not going to be showing supernatural. Argh. Does anyone know if it’s going to be picked up by another channel?

  102. Chris law says:

    Hello. I am a big fan of supernatural and would like to know a u.k air date. I cannot find it anywhere. I am watching season 1 through 8 over and over. I am in the army so i record the program as i cannot always watch it so a date would be appreciated. Thank you

  103. wayne says:

    Have u any idea when its realesed in uk dnt think I cant wait! Feel like getting next plane to usa

  104. Whizz09 says:

    When is season 9 due out on DVD?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Release dates haven’t been confirmed but they are normally out in September (region 1) and November (region 2). We are expecting UK broadcast before then, in the summer.

  105. Mariah forrest says:

    When is season 9 realising on sky in the uk??

  106. dee says:

    is supernatural ever going to be back on ITV2? my mum loved the programme but wont get sky:/

  107. Diamond says:

    When is Supernatural S9 going to be on in England???????

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      At the same time as the rest of the country.

      Providing Sky Living buys the UK rights (and they will be for all of the UK, not just one part of it), it’s quite likely to be summer again. Series 8 has only just finished.

      • Naomi says:

        Iv just finished watching series 7 on sky living and can’t find series 8 help please πŸ™‚

        • Andrew Andrew says:

          After repeating series 7, they seem to be repeating series 4. Series 8 is the newest, having only recently completed its first run. Perhaps it is deemed to soon for repeats, but you can get it on DVD.

  108. Bobby says:

    Glad it’s finally airing, but seriously, the almost year long wait is ridiculous. In America, they get the next season about 4 or 5 months after the season finale…wish we got it that quickly!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      And they get it the same time this year as they did last year- as do we. In other words, the wait between seasons is the same. Yes, it is later (as is Person of Interest), but do bear in mind these are American programmes and we are not in America. Compare start dates for Merlin and you’ll see it happens the other way round too.

      • ClaireBear says:

        Yeah, I get that we have to wait a year just like they do over in the US. The thing that frustrates me though is the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay unspoiled for episodes. We have to wait so long after the entire season airs that with Social Media, TV Forums, YouTube etc we find out the Fainale before the Premire. People dont want to wait and tread carefully on websites for fear of finding out what happens. No problem with waiting a year just a problem with WHEN in the year. I remember when E4 had Glee and we only had to wait about 7 days to get the episode then SKY took it and thought Brits were to dumb to understand HIATUS so now again we have to wait and avoid websites we prevoiusly liked if we want to remain unspoiled. So now when we do watch it and want to go to forums and discus it, it has already been discussed and is old news.

    • Aimee says:

      At least it isn’t 2 years like Sherlock!

  109. Dominic mallaby says:

    I think they need to make a film with same people wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t them playing the winchesters

  110. Mark Dorsi says:

    Anyone think that the directors and producers should consider a supernatural video game? I think they sho,uld because then u could play as the Winchester’s, castiel, Bobby or any of the allies from supernatural. Also driving in the impala and facing alp the greatest villains aka Lucifer,azazel,dick Roman,eve,lilith and Crowley and maybe abaddon from season 8. Do what do YOU think?

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      I don’t think the directors or the producers would be involved much. It sounds like a complex project that might require a specialist video game company.

    • russell champ says:

      a video game would be awesome….i jut hating the wait for season 9 i’ve seen every episode for season 1 – 8 and want the next seasons : ( the suspense is a killer

  111. Surfybridge says:

    Nuts! That was supposed to go onto the Sky Living page! #browserwindowfail πŸ™

  112. Surfybridge says:

    Great to see it back πŸ™‚
    Though I am curious why we always have to wait so long for SPN when you manage to broadcast plenty of other shows “just days after the US”? And then rush through it with 2 episodes a week like last year (with second at 11pm!) when you realise that you’ve left it so late, the DVD will be out before you’ve finished airing the season!?

  113. Laura says:

    Please, please, please can you set an air date for season 8? Cannot understand why it hasn’t started yet when it finished in America weeks ago !!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      It will be back soon. The airdate will be set in advance, don’t worry!

      Airdates are different in domestic and international markets and vary from a day, weeks, months to never, depending on the conditions of the rights, and commercial and scheduling decisions taken by buyers.

  114. Claire says:

    USA have just started to air season 9 …. while we are still waiting for number 8 to start … why such a long wait? there is a huge UK following and i think you should start this sooner rather than more repeats … getting frustrated waiting!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Supernatural season 9 has not already begun in the states. It does not begin until the autumn.

      The wait between the end of season 7 and the start of season 8 in the UK is much the same as it was in USA.

  115. sophie says:

    God bless the internet! i live in the uk but ive seen season 8 your in for a treat πŸ™‚

  116. Prithi says:

    well if anyone cares, the seasons only begin airing in the UK a few weeks after the season finale airs in the US. So I’d say end of June, early July…

  117. becky says:

    Why wait so long to air it i’m almost forgetting what happened last season air it now sky living!!

    • Andrew Andrew says:

      Granted it is airing later than America, but the gap between the start of season 7 here and season 8 here is about a year.

      In America it is also about a year.

  118. caroline sutherland says:

    Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles sexy boy

  119. vikkitoria says:

    why wait so long air it now please. im missing it

  120. Chels says:

    Need this in my life sooner …

  121. Dory says:

    Its to far away! I love supernatural… i cant wait that long! o.0 (Destiel… I ship it! :P)

    • Gary says:

      Im uk also and was watching supernatural on living however due to them mixing the episodes up and switching seasons i do the only sane thing possible .. i got the entire series on dvd and series 8 was AWESOME if you dont want spoilers try to avoid it on the internet as series 8 has left a few questions of where they go with Cas in series 9 which i will be getting on dvd long before living has a chance to drive me insane again with the schedule.

      As far as they could show it sooner.Elementary 1 week behind the states.. it is indeed possible just grrr

      • gemma says:

        Hey everyone. If you are all upset about UK TV channels dropping Supernatural then like the page on FB ‘saveSPNintheUK’ and sign their petition . Write loads of complaints to Sky and hopefully someone will here us!! Lets not complain here lets take action to get this awesome show on to our screens again!