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Supernatural & Smallville Get New Seasons

by Dave Elliott

Supernatural & Smallville Get New Seasons

Supernatural Update (20th Jan 2009):

Supernatural Season 4 is returning Sun, Jan 25 2009 9pm ITV2

SMALLVILLE UPDATE (18 Oct 2008): UK Smallville Season 8 Air Date Announced for E4!

The CW network in the US have  have announce some early renewals for their 2008-09 season, including Supernatural season 4, and Smallville season 8. Not really been watching Supernatural (although D raves about how great it is, so i’m sure he’ll be happy). I have been watching Smallville, although, we are a season behind in the UK, as channel 4/E4 have been dragging their feet on aiiring season 7…

SMALLVILLE UPDATE 2 (16th May 08): 4 have started trailing Smallville Season 7 as ‘Coming Soon’… Thanks for that you useless bunch of muppets… However, a bit of digging, and according to the Radio Times, the  Season 7 airdate in the UK is Tuesday 27th May 2008 9pm on E4, with a double of episodes 1 & 2. FINALLY!! :D

SMALLVILLE UPDATE 1: I noticed this post was getting hit quite a lot with people searching for the UK air date of Smallville season 7, so i decided to go to the source and ask E4… this was the answer:

Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding SMALLVILLE.

We appreciate your and your readers’ interest in the series, but at present we have not confirmed scheduling plans for season 7 of SMALLVILLE. Please keep an eye on screen in the coming months for more information!

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4, we hope you continue to enjoy our programming.”

So, not a whole lot of help, but at least we know the official position.

WB apparently have Sept 08 sketched in as the UK release date for the Smallville season 7 DVD, so at a guess, that probably puts it on E4 around the end of summer…

SUPERNATURAL UPDATE: I also checked with ITV (who where far more helpful than E4). They are currently showing Season 3 on ITV2 on Sunday’s with the repeat of that episode being shown the following Thursday also on ITV2. They also have the rights to season 4, although they don’t have an air date for that yet (it has only just been commissioned, so i’ll let them off). ;)


It’s been over a year since season 6 aired in the UK, and we STILL don’t even have an air date for the next season of Smallville! Just amazes me that Sky can get things like Prison Break and 24 on air only a few days and weeks after the US and we’ve been waiting 5 months since the US airdate for even a hint of when E4 will get off it’s lazy ass and air Smallville season 7.

Honestly, if i was the owner of the Smallville franchise, i look to sell the UK rights to someone that actually gives a crap about your show instead of replacing it with Big Brother USA (yes, that’s what they are currently running…) I just want to offically say…



Ahh… i feel so much better. :D

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