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E.A. Screws UK on Rock Band!

by Dave Elliott

E.A. annouced it’s European pricing for Rock Band this morning, at a price point most people must have assumed was a late April Fools joke… Sadly it wasn’t. You see, for some bizarre reason, instead of one pack called ‘Rock Band’, in Europe we get 2 packs.

Pack 1 – Rock Band the Game – GBP 49.99 / EUR 69.99.
Pack 2 – Rock Band ‘Instrument Edition’… which doesn’t actually CONTAIN THE GAME… Just the drum kit, guitar and microphone – GBP 129.99/ EUR 69.99.

So, that’s GBP 179.98 / EUR 139.98 for whole game as sold in the USA for $180 US!!

Sorry, But

F. U. – E.A!

There’s NO WAY in HELL i’m paying DOUBLE the US price for the same game.

Go join the the UK E.A Rock Band Forum and tell them what you think.

There’s also a petition running here.

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