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Look Back at One of Eve Online’s Most Devastating Assassins

by Dave Elliott

It’s been a pretty quiet geek news day, but i was looking around the PC Gamer UK/ C&VG site, when i noticed an old article about EVE Online that happened to be featured. It’s a story i originally read when it was printed in the magazine a couple of years ago, but i thought it was worth flagging up again for anyone who hasn’t seen it. It tells the tale of a meticulously planned mission undertaken by members of the Guiding Hand Social Club in EVE Online to carry out a contract kill and heist worth $16,500 in real money…

“The client requested Pearl Harbor,” says Shogaatsu (spokesman for Guiding Hand). “Specifically a single, surprise strike designed to cause as much pain to a heavily fortified target in as little time as possible. The contract was the result of a vendetta between the primary target and our client, who, while certainly satisfied with the outcome, never expected the utter destruction we wrought.”

Although EVE is one of the few MMO’s i’ve not actually played (i did attempt a trial but found it so hard to get into), I do love reading stories about the skirmishes and battles on there.

Check out the story here if you haven’t seen it already.

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