Spore’s DRM 1 Starred

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09 Sep 08


*sigh* EA… EA… EA… When will you learn… Look, i’m not a DRM hating nutjob. I understand you want to protect your licenses. However, putting a DRM system on the disc that only allow 3 installs… PERIOD, is dumber than a crash test dummy sucking a baby pacifier. Say I have a laptop and desktop. Well, that’s 2 installs. Swap the graphics card or memory out, and that uses another install, and then what?! Ring you, or buy another copy apparently! Clearly, someone in EA has been on the stupid pills with a handful of idiot tablets to go with it.

What did you think would happen when you tried this? Honestly? What?.. Cause i’m kinda struggling to see what you thought you were going to achieve. What you did acheive of course is getting your game 1 starred on Amazon.com by a multitude of angry fans.


There where also a number of similar reviews on amazon.co.uk before they wussed out (presumably after pressure from ‘somewhEre’, And pulled them. There’s now only 1 review with a 5 out of 5 rating… The Customer Discussions however is still up if you want to go nuts! 😉