Foxy the Vampire Slayer?

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11 Jun 09
Megan Fox for Buffy Remake?

Megan Fox for Buffy Remake?

I’m filing this under ‘unlikely’ but i’ve seen it reported on a few sites, so i thought i’d mention it. is claiming the name of Megan Fox is being thrown around as the possible lead in Kuzui & Kuzui hideously ill advised Buffy remake. It may be true, but i’m not buying it just yet. The ‘source’ is decidedly shaky, and Fox is ‘attached’ to pretty much every hollywood movie that requires a young hot female actor at the moment, so it’s no great shock her name has cropped up attached to this project.

Of course, in reality i’m still hoping they see sense and either get Joss involved to make the movie a continuation from the TV show, or just scrap the idea altogether…