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Tips for Choosing Gaming Broadband Providers

by Dave Elliott
Gaming Broadband

Gaming Broadband

As long as there has been internet availability in the UK there have been gamers who`ve wanted to frag each other 24 hours a day online with as little disruption to their fun as possible. The gaming market has grown hugely in recent years thanks to the latest generation of consoles all coming with out of the box broadband connectivity, introducing a new generation of gamers to the wonders of online ownage. As a result there are several broadband providers who offer packages tailored specifically to the needs of online gamers, and there`s a lot to get excited about. Gaming broadband providers may take a little time to track down, but once you`ve found them you`ll be all set for marathon gaming session with your mates and people from around the world whether you`re using a PC or a console to get the gaming done.

To choose a provider who will offer you the premium broadband gaming experience you`ll need to consider a few key things. The first aspect is of course the speed of the connection, though speed isn`t everything. You`ll want at least an ADSL connection with up to 8Mbps download speeds and decent upload speeds to ensure that every movement of your mouse or button press is sent and received without any `lag`, and decent speeds will also ensure that your connection doesn`t suffer from ping and latency issues. Providers like Plusnet offer a deal specifically for gamers which prioritises any gaming data over other internet traffic which helps with this issue. Additionally providers like Pulse Gaming give you a static IP which is ideal for hosting your own gaming servers for you and your mates.

Another important consideration is the download limits and the bandwidth usage policy. If you`re gaming over long periods of time you`ll be using a lot of data so opting for an unlimited downloads package with a fair use policy which doesn`t restrict gaming is sensible. You`ll also want to consider the type of router which is on offer from your gaming broadband provider. Most offer free wireless routers, which is great for owners of Nintendo`s Wii or Sony`s PS3 consoles, both of which come with wireless connectivity built in.

Provider Reviews

Plusnet Pro Gaming
Great value with prioritisation for gaming traffic, and for overnight gaming there`s no data restrictions.

BE Unlimited
24Mbps service which ensure the highest speeds for BT line users. Their Pro package even allows up to 2.5Mbps upload speeds, though the areas of coverage are restricted.

Virgin Media
With their cable broadband there`s no chance of speed limitations suffered by ADSL customers, and you can even get a whopping 50Mbps download speed if you don`t mind the increased costs.

With a free Wireless router and unlimited downloads there`s little to restrict your gaming on this good value package. Bear in mind that customer support isn`t Tiscali`s strong point.

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