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Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

by Dave Elliott

There are 3 MMOs i’m really really looking forward to over the next 12/18 months. Stargate Worlds (which has been worryingly quiet of late), Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Inside Gaming recently got an interview with Tom Nichols, Exec Producer at Lucas Arts to talk through a few of their announcements from this years E3.

One of the things that has got me most excited about TOR is the level of detail Bioware are putting into the story in this game. The idea of having every single line of dialogue in an MMO voiced over by actors would seem insane coming from most developers. But when it’s coming from Lucas Arts/Bioware, it actually seems possible.

There have been a few games claim to be ‘a next gen MMO’, but this is the first one that really looks like it’s going to achieve it.

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