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Customer service you can bank on from first direct

by Dave Elliott
First Direct has topped a new Which? survey

First Direct has topped a new Which? survey

A few months back, we posted about how first direct were going the extra mile with their customer service, by sending teams of ‘Buddys’ from their ‘Buddy Program’ out into the street to help out passers by. Well, it seems the focus on customer service has paid off! In the first Which? survey to compare service levels across different industries, first direct has topped the 2010 their table for big brands’ customer service!

Which? asked people to rate 75 UK big brands. First place went to first direct, with John Lewis coming second and Waitrose taking third place. first direct however were the only company to get 5 out of 5 for all areas of customer service, including customers feeling valued, dealing with issues and product knowledge.

Living up to the name AOHELL as usual...

What’s also really interesting though is the other end of the table… AOL Broadband came last, scoring a pitiful (but well deserved) 44%, with one customer commenting “It has no concept of the meaning of customer service.” Compare that to first direct’s customer service rating of 89%, with comment’s such as “I’ve not come across any supplier that is more helpful,” AOL really need to pull their socks up!

Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?, says:

“Offering good customer service should be a priority for any business – it beggars belief that so many big name brands still fail to grasp such a basic concept. We’re urging people to vote with their feet if they’re treated badly and take their custom to where it will be valued.”

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