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Interview with Warehouse 13’s Joanne Kelly (aka Myka)

by Dave Elliott

Warehouse 13 is due to return to the UK this Thursday at 9pm, and so we though you might like to here a from some of the cast about returning for season 3, and what they think about the new agent in town, Steve Jinks! Here’s a recent interview with Joanne Kelly who plays the lovely Myka, last seen departing the Warehouse in season 2…

Joanne Kelly

Joanne Kelly - Myka

As Myka resigned at the end of Season 2, was it weird not starting as an agent in Season 3?

Well I come back right away but there is a big transition period. We saw her make the decision to leave last year and then we see her make the decision to come back and her struggle with that. With quitting then coming back and wondering will it be the same or will people treat her differently or how you’re going to fit in. You see both her and Pete struggle with that. It’s like when you and your best friend have a fight; it takes a while to go back to being best friends.

Is she trying to fit in with the new agent, Steve Jinks, as well?

The thing about the Warehouse is that it’s so busy and there isn’t a lot of time for internal struggle. You see these characters get back to work, which I really like. There’s a bit of trepidation there but I think it’s resolved fairly quickly. Aaron, as a person, fit in our cast and his character really fit, it was seamless. It was like when Allison was added to our cast, it was like they were there all along.

Steve Jinks / Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks

Some fans threatened not to watch the show if you didn’t return – do you have any interesting fan stories?

I’m not a social-networker so I’m not plugged in to what people think or expect or don’t expect; I just try to do my own thing. I think it would drive me crazy if I was, I prefer to do it in a vacuum. Comic Con is always really fun – it’s like geek Halloween! Because I’m a geek and it is like my Halloween, it truly is; it’s truly spectacular. It’s wild! I take my brother there every year because he’s a comic book collector, just to watch him turn into a 5-year-old again. Just to watch him is really fun.

Were you always a geek?

I wasn’t so much into the sci-fi world it was more fiction fantasises like Tolkien. I’m reading Game of Thrones right now and I’m totally obsessed with it. I have it on set all the time – if I’m not in front of the camera, I’m on my chair reading. So in that regard I’m very much a nerd. But I think nerd is the new cool man! It’s cool to be different, it’s cool to be unique, it’s cool to be yourself. Why should we look like other people? Or think or say? That’s true coolness, you don’t care, you’re just yourself.

Warehouse 13 (Season 3) is on Thursdays from 4th August at 9pm on Syfy UK.

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