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Top 4 SciFi Shows We Want To See!

by Dave Elliott

Over a chat with some fellow GeekTowners recently, we were mourning the loss (or long hiatus) of the Stargate franchise after the cruel cancellation of the actually rather good SGU, and it got us thinking… What scifi shows would we like to see – with the exception of the obligatory ‘bring back Firefly‘ obviously…

4. Star Wars – Live Action TV Show

George Lucas

We're waiting George!

Apart from from needing a decent title, and seemingly not having moved forward much since it was first announced a few years back, the Star Wars Live Action TV Show has been slowly bubbling along behind the scenes. Lucas says he has 50 hours written out of an initial run of 100. However, in a recent interview the big man himself has said it’s basically on hold until the technology manages to catch up with his vision of what he wants the show to be – i.e. we want it to be epic and we can’t afford to do it on a tv budget…

Really George?.. What the heck are you planning that you, the man that’s amassed a fortune selling everything from Star Wars lunchboxes to C3PO tape dispensers (yes, really), think it’s not cost effective to produce a Star Wars TV show?! Are you planning on blowing up an actual planet each episode? Genetically engineer real Ewoks maybe? I’m struggling to see how a Star Wars branded ‘anything‘ at this point won’t make you your money back, despite whatever fortune you spend on it! *Sigh* so while Lucas waits (presumably for someone to construct an actual Death Star so they can shoot it somewhere with that authentic ‘Death Stary feel’), we will get Robot Chicken’s Star Wars Sitcom which Lucas greenlit earlier this year. At least that’s something new (and I do expect it to be awesome!), but I’d still love to see the live action show move forward!

3. Mass Effect the TV Series

Mass Effect

Mass Effect TV Show

BioWare have made a number of truly great computer games, but one of the strongest universes they’ve created was the one that Mass Effect resides in. There is a Mass Effect movie in development, but that’s no reason to not consider a TV series after that. Look at the success Stargate had (even though the the original writer seemingly hated the tv show!).

Mass Effect provides a vivid and interesting environment that could easily expand in TV. With so many varied races and characters to explore, I can’t help but think a tv show set in the Mass Effect universe would allow the story to expand far more than a film would every allow.

2. Fray the TV Series

Fray TV Show

Fray TV Show

Yes, I know we’re fanboys when it comes to Joss, but after he’s done sorting out Marvel’s men in tights, I’d really love to see him have something back on the small screen, and it’d be nice if it was something Slayer related. So how about a Fray tv series?

For those of you that don’t know about Fray, it was a series of comic book written by Joss about a new Slayer set in a hi tech future. In this timeline demons had though to have been banished from Earth, and the Watchers are a crazed cult. But when vampires (now know as lurks) start to re-appear in New York’s slums, a new Slayer is called in the form of thief Melaka Fray to battle the increasing threat… Vamps and Slayers in a futuristic scifi setting?.. What more could you want!

1. Slingers TV Show

Ever since the ‘sizzle reel‘ for Slingers popped up in 2009, we’ve been backing the show to get made! For those of you that have yet to catch the video – see above! Slingers is set set in 2263 A.D. An interplanetary war has left a section of humanity cut off from Earth by an impassible barrier. Some people are prepared to do as the military tell them, and make the best of a bad situation. Some have other plans… People such as Dominic ‘DM’ Monroe and his merry band of brothers decide to *ahem* borrow… the military’s experimental spaceship, which has the capability to ‘sling’ itself to any point in the universe. That means in theory, it is the only craft that side of the barrier has the capability of reaching Earth…

In terms of tone, it’s been described as “the action of Bullitt, the sophistication of Ocean’s 11 and the humour of M*A*S*H all wrapped in a futuristic package.” That description alone makes me want to see Slingers go into production! Things have been a bit quiet in terms of actual news on Slingers recently, other than the odd tweet from creator Mike Sizemore about “meetings in LA going well”, there’s not been much news recently. Looking at the stunning work the guys did on the the sizzle reel, I’m surprised it hasn’t been snapped up yet. Still, you know what they say… Good things come to those who wait… ;)

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